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Q. Chris
Question answered on 10/11/2010. Filed under War/Politics/Religion/Beliefs »

I'm a rank athiest but can still appreciate the beauty of something like The Ghost of Rockschool. I was just wondering if you were a fan of Gerard Manley Hopkins' poetry because your song brought it to mind, not in style but in sense. If you don't know them, stuff like Pied Beauty and God's Grandeur could appeal. Thanks for the music. All the best.

A. Stuart

love the hopkins, from my days of failing uni..
he is kind of timeless, his style seems quite modern

Q. Stefano
Question answered on 18/10/2010. Filed under War/Politics/Religion/Beliefs »

I have noticed Stuart is very religious, out of curiosity, are the rest of you guys religious? Also, are you catholic or protestant, just out of curiosity really. Thank you guys.

A. Mick

No, Stuart is the only one of a religious bent.