Q & A: Tour
Q. Matheus
Question answered on 20/12/2010. Filed under Tour »

hey guys
i was wondering...what do you do just after the shows? do you go out to a bar or something or you just stay inside wherever you've played?

A. Chris

It depends. Last night we stayed in the venue as we had plenty of booze, lots of friends there and the weather was rubbish outside. I used to take records on tour a lot and go and do after parties in clubs but I've got lazy in my old age and can't be bothered these days. If we're in the middle of a run of shows on a sleeper bus it's nice to go out to a bar though, just so you've seen somewhere other than the venue that day.
Tonight a friend of ours is doing a night close to the Barras that they're making an aftershow for the gig so I'll probably go here for a bit.

Q. Mark
Question answered on 18/12/2010. Filed under Tour »

What was it like to perform your songs with that huge orchestra at Gateshead last night - and how much preparation/rehearsing went into it? It was just awesome for us lucky enough to be there - the songs from the new album were the highlight with the orchestra turning I Can See The Future and the others into some of the most unforgettable moments I've ever experienced in a live performance. Are you going to film one of the orchestra gigs or at least record them for release? Please say yes! Oh, and did Mick really do all the arrangements? Must have taken a while to write out all those parts!

A. Sarah

As you guessed, it took a lot of people a lot of work to get those shows together. It was worth it though!

Mick handled a lot of the work with the orchestra, and worked really hard on the arrangements, though he wasn't quite working from scratch, luckily for him - the arrangements have largely come together incrementally over the years, from me and Isobel and Stuart working out parts, to them being written out for string sections, to Nick Ingman preparing scores based on our arrangements for the 'waitress' LP and a guy called Sean O'Lachlan who embellished our existing arrangements for the LA show we did with an orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl; some of the most memorable ones are the ones that Mick did on his own though: the brass on 'I'm A Cuckoo', the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink arrangement for 'Dear Catastrophe Waitress'... and without Mick to consolidate everything and type out all the parts to songs on the new album, it would all have sounded considerably less epic.

Q. James Brunt
Question answered on 18/12/2010. Filed under Tour »

Hello B&S folk
The Sage gig the other night was amazing as always, I just wanted to ask how you feel about sit down gigs? Personally I was torn, on one hand it was a real pleasure to sit and watch you lot at work, while on the other hand wanting to dance around like someone far younger than my years. Also do you choose the support? Daniel Kitson and Gavin Osborn was an inspired choice, such a bonus as I was gutted when I missed there Latitude shows.
Thanks everyone, it was very special.

A. Sarah

first question: are you any relation to Hugh Brunt (the conductor of the LCO)?

I am pretty bored with sit-down gigs, of which there have been more this year than ever before. way too many! Manchester pipped Gateshead and Birmingham purely on that basis - there were seats, but because it's more of a normal 'gig' venue people were standing up, and the whole thing became more dynamic as a result. Stuart and I reckoned that show would've been ok with the whole downstairs standing up. We're hoping we'll be able to do a show with the orchestra again where the floor WILL be standing, but with seats at the back / in the balcony for those not ready to rock. It's definitely a far more enjoyable experience for the band if people are on their feet.

The main gripe I have with seated shows is that the people who are most excited to be there and engage with the band are not always, or not often, the people with the ready cash in their bank accounts to go out and buy front row seats. You feel less like a performing monkey when people are joining in with the singing and dancing at the front. We were a bit put out at someone's description of us as a 'heritage band' earlier this year, but i think we've played into it, which is my only regret of the year actually. I mean, nothing says 'heritage band' like a fully seated gig in a really posh theatre or with an orchestra. Hopefully we can install spikes in the seats of any posh venues we play in next year! Our forthcoming show at the AB in Brussels, for instance, is a light on the horizon for that reason. Ok, rant over.

Some folk had seen Daniel and Latitude, and thought he would be a fun addition to the tour, and he was a nice guy to have in tow. And he added to the duffle coat brigade, which is never a bad thing.

Q. Paul & Kerry
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We were in the bar at the Symphony Hall on 6th Dec, just after the support act started and Beans walked past. I cursed myself as it took too long to register who he was before I could say anything.

Then we (almost) literally bumped into Stevie coming out of the lift. And again I missing the opportunity to say hi.

I waited for more band members to randomly appear in the bar, but nothing doing. So my question is... What on earth were you all up to? Do you normally individually wander around the public areas of venues so soon before going on stage?

Great show by the way - we both agreed it was one of your best.

A. Sarah

I was probably down by the canal hoping my dog would 'perform' before she got put in her wee box in the dressing room.

Q. Bill
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Hiya...love the new album, absolutely brilliant as expected!! Big fan but never seen you live unfortunately..will be in the UK this January (London & Glasgow) but seems like no live dates...You're not doing any one offs by any chance are you?

A. Sarah

not in January, no: we are having some time off, and various members will be scattered around the place. we're playing in London in May though. and Glasgow tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday.

Q. Kevin
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Only 3 sleeps until Monday's gig - sooooo excited. Cant wait, especially to hear "I didn't see it coming".

What has been your most exciting moment of 2010 thus far ?

A. Sarah

oh, i'm not sure we'll be doing that one on monday. Stuart is in charge of the setlist, and he is trying to make the 3 shows different.

most exciting moment? Maybe getting to LA in the spring to start the new record. It felt like the start of something NEW, and about time. There were also a couple of moments with the orchestra, particularly in Birmingham and Manchester, which were undeniably spine-tingling. Watching Edwyn Collins and Teenage Fanclub from the front row with some very special people last Saturday at Bowlie. Also waking up on the sleeper bus on the slip-road at Charing Cross when we returned to Glasgow yesterday morning. I can't explain how happy I was to be home. (Putting my suitcase in the cupboard where I don't have to look at it until March gave me quite a thrill as well)