1. Ben says:

    have you considered maybe playing twice at bowlie? i know that there are many other great artists appearing but i think you are what everyone is really there for.. friends who have been to ATP before suggest that the curators turning out twice is not unprecedented.. what do you think?

    1. Stuart says:

      i’ll put it to the band..

  2. Ben says:

    Dear Stuart, since it is well-known that you’re a deeply religious person I wonder what do you think about Leonard Cohen’s poetry – especially the poems about his concerns over his own beliefs. Have a nice day, Ben

    1. Stuart says:

      cohen’s the best. even better to listen to him reading. this is priceless viewing..

  3. Stuart says:


  4. Andrew says:

    Hi Stuart,
    Since I got home from the Bowlie and sat down to read my copy of the Celestial Cafe which you kindly signed I’ve been trying to remember whether I said thank you or not. I was the guy who also asked you to sign a copy for their Mum who is a vicar in an inner city Liverpool church. If in my flustered state I omitted to thank you then I’m sorry. And thank you.

    Now a question… are you familiar with John Bell, the Scottish hymn writer and minister? I went to see him give a talk and have a sing with my Mum. During the interval he started talking to me and we got to the subject of Glasgow. I said that I would be visiting for the first time to see B&S playing on the 21st of this month and he said “Ah yes, great group, great group”. He asked what else I’d like to try and do while I’m in Glasgow and I mentioned I’d like to look in some record shops. He took a page out of his Moleskine notebook and drew me a little map of the city and where I can find some record stores. What a nice man huh? Do you think you’d ever try your hand at hymn writing? I’d love an excuse to sing along to one of your songs on a Sunday morning!

    1. Stuart says:

      i’m a fan of john bell, of course. we sing him every sunday!
      i will try to write some devotional music at some point. i wrote an anthem once, which the choir sung, in 1994 i think!

  5. sasmitamurti says:

    today is my birthday..do you mind if u say happy birthday to me?? and wish something/anything good for 21 years old girl like me??

    1. Stuart says:

      happy birthday. have a good time, ALL of the time

  6. Jon H says:

    Hey there Stuart,

    Wasn’t the whole weekend at Bowlie2 sensational? I know that it’s a few weeks ago now, but thinking back to it still makes me smile.

    I saw you strolling around the venues a few times, but was far too starstruck to actually accost you with a question or comment for fear of mumbling incoherently, and the same goes for all the other members of B&S. I should really have put aside all thoughts of bashfulness, and said hello. But then as Morrissey always said, “Shyness is nice”.

    Anyway, the oddest thing occurred on Sunday night, after bopping into the small hours to the DJs at the Irish Pub, I was standing on the balcony outside our Chalet, swaying slightly with the cold, trying to get a signal on my Blackberry to upload some photos to Facebook, when a group of girls on their way to their beds stopped below me. One of them looked up, and pointing, announced to the others, “Hey look, there’s Stuart! Woohoo! Hello!”

    I replied that unfortuantely, I wasn’t you, and in response to their questions, that I wasn’t even Scottish. I never thought I looked like you, but was very flattered none the less. I think that they may have had a drink or two… But in their defence, I was dressed in black jeans and a black skinny T shirt, and it was a bit dark, with the light behind me.

    Do you ever get mistaken for anyone else?

    1. Stuart says:

      i think it’s been mentioned before that the band play a game called ‘stu or jew’ at the airport, when they see me wandering in the distance, it’s been said that i could pass for a hasidic jew.

      aside from that, my friends dad said i looked like charles lindbergh, but maybe it was at an angle!

  7. Agnes says:

    Thank you for the new diary entry, just what I needed today. Here in Sweden things doesn’t get back to normal until the 11th. I miss normal. And I really miss Bowlie. Weeell, the best of luck to you and your knee!!

  8. michele m says:

    Hiya- I hope your knee is healing well and that your not in a lot of pain. It was great to read the runners up stories. All terrific. Thank you for including me in the honorable mentions. It’s brought a big smile to my face and heart. Please consider posting the honorable mentions stories as well. It would be a pleasure to read them. Best wishes.

  9. Tyler says:

    Hey Stuart, let me start off by saying that Belle & Sebastian and Elliott Smith are my two favorite groups/artists. So, out of curiosity, do you listen to his music or ever have the opportunity of meeting him while he was still alive? It would be very interesting to hear any stories or your favorite songs of his.

    P.S. I’m 16 and it’s nice to have great music like yours inspire me


    1. Stuart says:

      Hey tyler.
      you know, elliot came on tour with us, in 1998 i think. he played some shows in the UK with us. he was quiet, perhaps he was a little shy of our numbers and our loudness (as people, not the sound of the group) but my impression was that he was very nice, respectful. i tried to get him to join in a little more, but he was happy where he was. i’m very glad we got the chance to play with him.

  10. Kelly says:

    I was just reading the Celestial Cafe and came across the story about you posting your jacket to yourself to avoid having to carry it around all day. As a fellow chronic fatigue sufferer, I found this move inspired and will remember it in the future! Due to my fatigue, I had to leave school and am facing a year of nothing at my parent’s house. I’ve read a little about your experience with this illness and was wondering if you have any advice for me??
    Thanks! xx

    1. Stuart says:

      take heart! what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

      this is a chance at least to remove everything in your life that you don’t like, and start again. be fussy. you have to, you don’t have the energy to spare!
      do the things you most enjoy. and do exercise, when you feel good. it’s a good way back to health. it’s like your body needs trained to live again..


      just noticed you left school, so you’re young. it is a bit of a drag leaving school, but the good thing is, you have loads and loads of time ahead to catch up. let the rest of them go. you’re in a private club now. when you come back to academia/jobs, you will ‘really’ know what you’re meant to do..

  11. Hannah says:

    Hey Stuart,

    Really excited about the reading at Mono. Please tell me that afterwards there will be a big dance party and we’ll see some of those classic Murdoch moves.

    1. Stuart says:

      well, the legs ain’t too good yet, it won’t be classic murdoch, classic ian dury more like.

  12. graeme says:

    I was looking through the window of my world,watching the wind moving it around,listening to write about love,it stuck me how beautiful the words to “ghost of rockschool” are. You know as well as i that you can live with a song all your life and the lyrics that sit comfortably within your head sometimes are not the actual words to the song. So i decided to actually read the llyrics on the sleeve. Imagine if you will my disgust at this,are you being lyrically clever as you have been known to be three times in your past? I wonder if the line”she was put their to tempt you” is a simple typo or something that lies deeper. It has certainly ruined my day.
    yours disgruntled, Birkenhead.

    1. Sarah says:

      blimey. I usually adopt the role of proof reader / grammar nazi when there’s artwork being done, but somehow it never got as far as me this time – it was panic stations and a race against the clock to get the record out in 2010. But I doubt a howler like that would have got past me.

  13. Jamo says:

    Hi Stuart,

    I see you kicking about Glasgow quiet a bit and often wondered what you carried about in your ruck-sack you are never without. My guess is a sports bottle filled with water, an old banana and a note pad and pen. This is one of the true mysteries of Glasgow!

    I thank you in advance for our enlightenment!


    1. Stuart says:

      pretty close. i will never reveal the true content, but just to say, i never carry water. i rarely dehydrate, and besides, I never travel too far from a good source

  14. aguri says:

    Dear Stuart
    Hi, I really enjoyed the live at Tokyo May 4th.
    I requested “get me away from here I’m dying” in the encore and you picked me out. I think you have received sooo many messages like this but I wanted to say thank you.
    I was so happy that I was able to listen to my favorite song and have a short short conversation with you.
    It’s been really long time since last time you had a live in my home town Tokyo. So I wonder which part of Tokyo you enjoyed this time visit.
    Did you have a good time in Tokyo?

    1. Stuart says:

      we always have a good time in tokyo, though we didn’t have long. just a wander through shibuya down to the park; i lay down in the march sunshine..
      see you next time! x

  15. Scott Fitzgerald says:

    Stuart, in answer to something you said onstage in Brisbane tonight, just so you know, you’re plenty tough enough to take up residence Down Under. Pack a few guitars, a Casio and a tambourine, we’d welcome you and yours with open arms.

    But if not the living here, please do drop in again soon. Brilliant show tonight.

    1. Stuart says:

      my wife would love the climate; you never know..

  16. Leonie slater says:

    Hello and Thank-you for the soundtrack to my life! To finally see you live for the first time (Melbourne) was extraordinary. Q. Am I a stalker if I fly to Perth to see you again? My brother lives there, 2 birds with one stone. If I am a stalker, does it even matter? 
    Forgive the sentimentality, I have to say you’re music has infused my life with such pleasure and has coaxed me through many a rough patch! 
    I can’t thank- you enough. 

    1. Sarah says:

      Do it! It’s good to embark on an adventure completely on impulse.

  17. emily says:

    It’s the tiniest thing, friend, but I was wondering whether the line in Marx and Engels, “after their tea when life begins again” is a reference to the novel or film About A Boy? (do you know that part? Where Marcus is talking to his mom about how she doesn’t feel depressed at the moment, and he says, “Of course you don’t, you’ve just put the kettle on. But what happens when you finish your tea?”)

    Anyway, it is a reference to Marcus for me.

    1. Stuart says:

      Aha. It could be. It’s very close to that feeling! The ‘me’ in the song being the equivalent to Marcus’s mum.

      The important thing is the way you feel about it, as you said. Art exists in your head, i’m just trying to help you see it.

  18. David says:

    I will just come out and ask,
    when you come to Vienna any chance of playing ‘ The Model’

    1. Stuart says:

      Natürlich, mein Bruder

  19. Christian says:

    A hell lot of audience-participation at your Cologne gig. A friend of mine even felt a little reminded of a “Kindergeburtstag” (Childrens’ Birthday Party), while I found it quite funny.

    Anyway: I noticed, when you tried to get more girls upstage at the end of the set, you told one person in the front-row not to come up. I really hope, that wasn’t because you didn’t find her pretty enough!!!

    1. Stuart says:

      well of course not; i can’t remember who you mean, but i’m always getting into trouble for having too many people on.. there’s a limit!

  20. Philip says:

    I have a couple of questions;

    a) Do you realise that if you had released “To Be Myself Completely” as a single then you’d be the biggest band in the world right now? My sister agrees.

    b) I read “The Celestial Cafe” recently. I didn’t buy it though – I borrowed it from the library – I hope you don’t mind not getting the pennies, but times is tough for all of us, and I also felt like supporting my local library. Use it or lose it and all that. That’s not really a question is it?

    1. Stuart says:

      a) great song, i love it. wouldn’t have done as you say though. we used to think that with every single release, and we were always way f**king off. only the world knows what it wants. i don’t and you don’t.

      b) i’m in the library! rock on!


  21. Bob Leane says:

    what’re you up to ey stuart? it’s all gone a bit quiet on the diary, twitter front. i like to imagine you’re holed up in a dusty room full of old novelettes dreaming up the B&S hits of tomoro…. am i any where near the truth?

    1. Stuart says:

      hi bob

      well there’s always a certain amount of confusion when you get home from tour. it’s hard to get into new things straight away; also, with all these holidays.. i got 3 weddings in three weeks.. but, i’m at my desk this week, songs are tumbling in, and i’m starting to cast god help the girl. that’s my two main things just now. i just need to FOCUS.

      all the best

  22. Steve says:

    I know you are going to get a lot of responses.I dont expect this to be ‘aired’ or maybe even read but I had to say something.
    I think most people and not necessarily B&S fans, are with you all the way on both counts…the Spotify decision to turn your back catalogue into essentially THIER back catalogue is just bewildering to a naive music fan.(I still struggle with how ‘Yesterday’ ‘Penny Lane’ ‘Paperback Writer’ et al are not owned by the bloke who actually sat down and wrote them) Also the press yet again turn a non story into some kind of exclusive.Pop star against the ordinary fan is what they are trying to sell.We know better.And they wonder why you don’t do interviews.

    I for one would never download one of your (or anybody elses) songs for free.If my boss said to me I want you to work all week for nothing and I’ll take your pay home with me you know what the answer would be.But this is what is happening in the music industry.

    Keep it up Stuart.For what it’s worth we are all with you.

    1. Stuart says:

      ok, many comments coming in, thanks for the support.
      will leave the last comment to stephen berwick.
      ironically, B&S, like all other young and upcoming groups of the day (!) will have to learn to live and work with the likes of spotify. Like Nick Clegg working with the Tories perhaps.
      and at this point, the pledge; and it’s an easy one;

      we’ll carry on with our adventures in pop music until the last spark of inspiration flames out, and we turn into jazz..

  23. Christine says:

    Check this out and tell me what you think! I was in Glasgow from Seattle at the end of March to the beginning of April. My friend and I decided to record “local” covers. This is one of our favorites! Would be an honor to hear what you think!


    1. Stuart says:

      i like it! i very nearly love it, which would mean i like it better than the original..

  24. graeme says:

    i noticed as i unfortunately came to the end of celestial cafe you used the word “smut”..i am sure you chose the word carefully or is it a word you often use or indeed partake in. there is a new book out called”smut”by author,playwright and lead singer of the fannies alan bennett and i was reading a review a few days ago, it said only people of a certain age and kind would use that word, i take it you are one of them.

    1. Stuart says:

      oh yes, i am that kind. i also use the scots word ‘footering’ which i thought was another such old person word (eg i’m just footering about) but actually comes from the french, foutre (i’m just f**king about)

  25. theo says:

    dear stuart,
    belle and sebastian are my favorite band and i have tickets to see you on the 31st which i can’t wait for, anyway i heard you compiled the setlists and i was wondering if it was possible to make a request – could you play a century of fakers please? it’s my favorite track of yours and i’d very much appreciate it if you could play it! and finally thanks very much for if you’re feeling sinister – it’ll forever be my favorite record.

    1. Stuart says:

      i can go for that theo..

  26. graeme says:

    i was pondering the other day about a possible purchase of a photo jenny frisbee, it seemed an ideal birthday gift to myself for our beach holiday. we already have several”ordinary”frisbee`s and i was curious as to the quality of the said item, as often what can be viewed as a”novelty” item may suffer as a result. i just finished stuart excellent book and he vouches for its “perfectly weighted”aerodynamics. is this a genuine opinion or was it the sole intention of using your final page as a marketing excorsise for b&s products.ta.

    1. Stuart says:

      such a daft thing to be talking about at the end of a book, but still, a book has to stop somewhere..

      i vouch for the quality of said frisbee..

  27. Jet Singh says:

    Can I do a duet of Another Sunny Day with you Stuart @ the 2nd night of the Roundhouse gig (30 May 2011). It is my favourite song and I know you guys allow fans on stage to dance but to sing would be awesome!

    1. Stuart says:

      but can you sing, jet singh? i’ll try to put it on the playlist at least..

  28. Keith Jones says:

    Ok, I have to ask…the clear framed glasses, who makes them? I’ve been told either Oliver Peoples or Cutler & Gross but know one can say for sure.

    1. Stuart says:

      my wife bought them for $4, along with two other pairs of sunnies. it really bugs her that i chose to wear them indoors!

  29. Josh says:

    I’ve recently got a hold of some of your more recent B-Sides, and can’t believe some of the quality you cut from the album! Although some wouldn’t have worked on the albums it’s a shame that more people won’t hear them.

    My question is a simple one, if you’re feeling up to the adventure. Is there any chance you could play “Your Cover’s Blown” during your Leicester gig in June? I’d bet it’ll sit really well next to “Piazza, New York Catcher” on your setlist…. Alright, that was a bit sneaky and cheeky of me to request 2 songs but if you don’t ask, you don’t often get.

    Really looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the band, here’s hoping to no more illness this time!

    1. Stuart says:

      we’re not going to have time to work that one up josh.. next time..
      think we’re going to remix that tune sometime..

  30. Elisa says:

    Well, after my 35000 kms made to follow you until last summer, I added even more (I was rewarded with a song especially meant for me!! 😉 The state I am in, that you played at Latitude last year)…and then came Latitude itself, and in December I came to Glasgow to see you in your hometown, in the beautiful Barrowlands, where I saw you the first time many years ago…then Milan, a couple of weeks ago…next stop: Primavera Sound. This time I’ll dare asking something different…I always see those lucky guys that you pick up from the audience and bring on stage to dance with you, oh, how many times I crossed my fingers to be one of those guys…I’ll come to Primavera with my husband and my two babies (4 and 2 years old) – they are looking forward to see you, the “Belle and Bebastian” (well, they’re also looking forward to eat tapas and churros!! ahahaha) -, and I was wondering if the whole family could join you on stage…I know, I’m asking too much, and of course I will accept a no as an answer, but, well, asking doesn’t cost anything…(oh, in case this was asking too much, would you at least consider putting in the set list I Can see your future? It’s one of our favourites of your last record and we never had the occasion to hear it live, so…). Thank you anyway for being so kind to your fans! We appreciate it!!

    1. Stuart says:

      i will ask sarah if she feels like singing it!

      1. Sarah says:

        Sarah doesn’t really feel like singing it.

  31. michael says:

    three things concerning primavera sound:
    1. will mick be on stage with the band?
    2. could you, please, please, please, play le pastie de la bourgeoisie?!?
    3. start your trip before the volcano ashes from iceland reaches scotland!!!!

    1. Stuart says:

      1. no
      2. ok
      3. maybe..

  32. Samantha says:

    Stuart, today i brought your book! i had planned on ordering it online but upon discovering a new bookstore i also found you (in cartoon form at least) sitting on the shelf of the music section (you’ll be happy to know that you were alongside robert forsters book and the new one about ian curtis, although i have no idea what their filing system is based upon) Its the begining of winter here in Melbourne and its around this time is when i start to yern for a certain feeling that can only be brought about by b&s (the early eps) Your music is made for this time of year especially. In the mood of push barman is how i plan to spend my train rides for the next few months. anyway i hope all is going well,hope GHTG is getting underway. i just thought that you might like to know that there is one more person enjoying the book.

    1. Stuart says:

      hi sam

      i’m glad the book has made it to oz! we had such a great time there recently..

      GHTG IS underway. i’m sitting in a casting room in london waiting for the first victim.. : )

  33. Leif says:

    Hello Stuart (my dog’s name is Stuart, he is a Scottish Terrier),
    I was just wondering, when you write, do you find you need to be in a somewhat uncomfortable situation to write? Like you need to emotionally charged to write emotionally charged. Or is it more of a where ever, when ever kind of thing?

    You guys are fantastic,

    1. Stuart says:

      a dog called stuart! sarah will find that very amusing..

      you certainly need emotions! certain emotions are no good for songwriting if they exist at that exact time. anger and fear are examples.

      desire and longing are good, romantic love is only good when channelled properly (according to me) and i would say is overated.

      i usually have to be comfortable to write, even if, especially if, what i’m writing about is uncomfortable!

  34. Martin James says:

    Hi Stuart,

    re your live shows next time what about a series of afternoon shows in selected parks. Purely for selfish reasons as my 4 year old wants to go and see you and the night shows are too late for her. Summer sundaes we cold call it and have them on various Sundays (get it….). Probably cost a fortune to set up I guess.

    Enjoy your “break” hopefully see you all really, really soon.

    M x

    1. Stuart says:

      i love the idea of afternoon shows in selected parks! if only it were so simple..

      i guess you could only do saturday and sunday, or bank holidays.. and the organising would be expensive, vis a vis, the botanics in 2004. if you were to charge people, you’d have to fence off the park, and provide toilets and lots of security, etc.. if not, someone would have to pay big to set up the stage and production.

      still, the general concept is a good one. just needs the stars to align..

  35. Lery says:

    Mh….Okay, it is not an intelligent question, really…
    I am so curious about the song ”Funny Little Frog”, and that’s not because it is so famous (i’ve got all your discography). I was just wondering: what about the title? I mean, all the songs have particular names, but why the frog?

    Ps: it is embarrassing but i would like to know it ’cause my father have always called me ”little frog”..

    1. Stuart says:

      the actual phrase is from one of my favourite films, ‘performance’. i looked for the clip with the phrase in, but couldn’t find it. james fox says it to mick jagger’s french girlfriend.

      “you’re a funny little frog, aren’t you?”

      here’s a clip


      in fact, i’ve been looking for little clips in relation to ‘god help the girl’, you might want to check out some more of these for the atmosphere and design!

      une femme est une femme

      blow up

      look back in anger

      l-shaped room

      railway children


      the knack

  36. alicia says:

    hello stuart,

    whatever happened with the record label “write about love” contest? have you had your afternoon with the winner yet? when does their single come out?

    1. Stuart says:

      think it’s more likely to be 36 hours..
      going to nebraska at the start of july to meet john, hang out, write a song..

  37. Panda says:

    Does your throat often hurt?

    1. Stuart says:

      not the throat usually, though during the gig in primivera i lost the ability to sing because i hadn’t exercised my chords in the previous weeks. a rookie error, but then i never really consider myself a ‘singer’. just take it for granted until you make a fool of yourself infront of 25K people..

  38. Katy says:

    My mum is obsessed with your music, i don’t know if it’s part of a midlife crisis. It’s quite embarrassing, she has her own band of old people that play b&s covers. do you have advise about how to cope with this for her or for me?

    1. Stuart says:

      oh, come on katy, it’s pretty great. (for us, maybe, not for you. )

      why don’t you form a rival covers band. like ‘blondie’ or the buzzcocks or something. then blow them into the weeds!

  39. Cosmo Grant says:

    Dear Stuart.

    My girlfriend says she used to drool over music videos of you running around Glasgow, but I’ve never even heard of you before. I’ve tried running, but it requires too much self-discipline, and really I’d rather spend my time in bed. I don’t play any musical instruments, because I gave up the piano to spite my parents. I also don’t have a Scottish accent, despite having lived in Glasgow my whole life. Maybe we could meet up, and you could give me some tips on how to engage the interest of impressionable young women, and then I could beat you up.


    1. Stuart says:

      how am i meant to answer this?

  40. jimmy says:

    When are you going to put a new diary entry in? Seems like the weather is such for it. Come on, let’s go back to the pre-twit(ter) days!

    1. Stuart says:

      will try. been over at godhelpthegirl.com recently? i’m trying to keep them kind of distinct

  41. Darius says:

    Hi Stuart, have you got around to watching Woody Allen’s latest work of genius, ‘Midnight in Paris’? If so, what did you think of it? If not, I highly advise it to a fellow fan of Woody’s work! Easily his best work in recent years.

    Also, I sent you an e-mail through the GHTG site like you asked me to on Facebook, and would like a response as some kind of confirmation that you have my e-mail for contacting me to fulfill the role of a ‘hip bystander at a bookshop’ (or whatever role it may eventually be).

    I shortly start shooting a short film that I wrote titled ‘The Comfort Of Sleep’ (sorry for the alliteration), which is both exciting and daunting. It’s interesting to see the lead singer of my favourite band going through the process of making a feature length film, since this is what I hope to achieve some day.

    1. Stuart says:

      really liked the new one, the key was that he was obviously exploring an area of genuine passion for him ie escape through art, turn of the century artistic genius, and the city of Paris. the passion came out in the film. i’d love for woody to do another serious drama in the mode of ‘crimes and misdemeanors’ that perhaps let’s us know where his head is at the moment, philosophically speaking.

      thanks for applying for the ‘hip bystander’ role. i’m sure it’s been logged!

      good luck with the film. i just watched ‘living in oblivion’, and i was thinking, jeez, is this how it’s gonna be


  42. michelle says:

    hi mr. murdoch,

    i was wondering if you had started casting for the “god help the girl” movie, and if not/so, where or when would auditions be held, if auditions were even to be held?

    ps. you rule the school sir, yes you do. yes, you do.

    1. Stuart says:

      it’s made! it’s in the can! we shot the SHIT out of that film.. unless i just dreamt it.
      michelle, if they ever give me another chance to direct, you can play whatever the hell part you want
      stuart x

  43. Eli says:

    Hello all! Can my band The City Buses open your Pittsburgh show (our glorious hometown) if we cover either – June Brides “Every Conversation” or Felts “Dismantled King” and let you sing?

    (sorry, had to try!)

    1. Stuart says:

      jeez, this is a tempting offer. can’t wait for pittsburgh!

  44. Davie says:

    Hello Stuart,

    A question purely based on vanity here.

    On the quite brilliant video for ‘I Want The World To Stop’ you are wearing possibly the coolest sun glasses ever worn by anyone. They are like see through Ray Ban ones with dusty purple lenses.

    My upcoming honeymoon in Sicily this summer simply wouldn’t be complete without them proudly sat on my nose/ears.

    I’ve spent hours trawling the internet and I can’t see them, or anything similar.

    Where on Earth did you get them?

    Many thanks!

    1. Stuart says:

      got them in NYC, on the street. $5!

  45. george says:

    assuming that the request lines are now open i would propose “my wandering days are over”(for me in boston) & stars of track & field(for the kid & his better half in brooklyn)

    1. Stuart says:

      request lines ARE open! only for a really short window though.. like the shaft of light that shines through the jewel in ‘raiders of the lost arc’.
      your requests are noted

  46. Becky says:

    Hello Stuart!

    I’m sure you have been asked this lots of times before (I would have followed the advice on the site about reading through previous questions to avoid repetition/being boring/asking whats been asked a thousand times before) BUT I have had a few glasses of vino and am a little tired.

    SO – would you and the gang maybe like to play at my wedding please? We are getting wed at the Victoria Baths in Manchester (wicked venue) and my partner and I met over you Piazza New York Catcher song and would absolutely love it if you said yes. Long shot I know, but your music has really been a massive part of our relationship. (Matthew confirmed that he liked me by giving me his Boy With the Arab Strap badge that he used to wear in college) and also brought me closer to the friends I count as my bestest.

    We’d feed you and the band lots of pie and mash!



    1. Stuart says:

      that is a romantic story. i’m sure you’re wedding day will be stressful enough without having to accommodate our massive PA needs and rider.
      hope it’s a good one! x

  47. Elizabeth d. says:

    How do you feel about your first time coming to salt lake city, Utah? I sure wish you guys were playing a more secluded and intimate show. Outdoor concerts at a bit of a pill to swallow for your more thoughtful and bookish fans.

    1. Stuart says:

      come on, it’s going to be good. get outside and play, elizabeth d!

  48. Richmond says:

    Hey Stuart,
    Since you will be touring North America, does it mean that we can be expecting a new album this year? Also, WHEN is the God Help the Girl movie coming out?!! See you in Montreal this summer!

    1. Stuart says:

      i finished the movie 2 days ago! it is looking and sounding small and beautiful.
      because i’ve been so busy, no belle and seb record this year, but we will release a follow up to ‘push barman’, perhaps at the end of the year.

      we plan to write new things in autumn.

      God Help The Girl will now be submitted to a film festival for possible inclusion. it is only after that that we can plan a release. my guess is that it will be into next year.

  49. cal says:

    stuart, what is your favourite decade and why? (:

    1. Stuart says:

      probably the 1890s, because you could take a train straight from ayr to edinburgh

  50. Lee Marable says:

    I would just like to congratulate Stuart on his appointment as the new manager of MUFC. Best of luck in your new job x

    1. Stuart says:

      is that me? why is there no media scrum at my door?

  51. Josh Taylor says:

    Sleep The Clock around is one of the most beautiful songs I know, thank you for writing it! What was the inspiration for it? Are the lyrics about one experience in particular or does it represent a general view of life/living.

    I’ve always taken it to be about maturing and eventually becoming happy with yourself in person. Am I on the right track?

    All the best,


    1. Stuart says:

      hi josh
      i remember that song was about walking over the brow of a hill, away from the two people i loved most, when i had betrayed them somewhat: after they cast me out of their confidence and out of the cafe. so it’s a song that cries out for recovery.
      if you take it to be about “maturing and eventually becoming happy” then i’m happy about that

  52. Valerie says:

    Hello! I’m more than in love with the song writing done by this band as well as the interpretation, meaning, and significance that comes along with it. (Of course the music behind the words are wonderful just the same) With that being said, I am really curious about the book that is mentioned more than once in a couple songs. Most prevalent, obviously, in the song “The State I Am In”, the book “The State That I Am In” by Scott Neiss really catches my interest. It seems that Stuart rather admires this book. What is the significance of this book in relation to Stuart’s life? Is it a book worth reading? I am in avid reader and would more than love to give it a read however it is rather expensive. I’ll probably end up buyin it anyway, since I love this band and I’m interested. Just wondered why it struck Stuart as worth bringin up more than once. Thanks guys, keep rockin at what ya do.

    1. Stuart says:

      i think the book you mention might have been written some 6 years after the song, but have a stab anyway

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