1. Darryl Koll says:

    I really like your sound, would it be possible to list your favorite gear; pedals, amps and guitars?

    1. Stevie says:

      Fender Telecaster Custom
      Fender Pro Reverb Amp
      Boss Compressor
      Kinda Fun

  2. Markus says:

    Dear Stevie,

    I was at your brilliant concert in Cologne. Driving the long way home
    after the show I noticed that on my C90-cassette with favourite songs
    from Belle & Sebastian was none, which was played live that night.
    You have such a wonderful huge repertoire on music! But how do you
    and the others select the songs for a show? Easy or difficult order?



    1. Stevie says:

      Well it’s easy for everyone except Stuart who actually does it. He spends a lot of time on it and does his research, looking up what we played the last time we played at a certain place. It really is the singers call anyway, he’s got the hardest job after all. I think since all the shows since August I’ve maybe suggested changing something, once maybe twice.

  3. William says:

    Is it true ? were you remixed by Richard X ? will it ever be released ?

    PS : Stevie, I”m in love with “The Price of an Education”. Are some more solo songs on the way ?

    PPS : I loved your winking at the concert !

    1. Stevie says:

      Hiya, yeah there’ll be more stuff this year. Price of an education was a demo me Mick and Bob got together for the movie of the same name but we were too late although it’s unlikely they would have used it anyway when they had Duffy. As for Mr X, yeah I believe so.

  4. Anna says:

    Hi Stevie,

    I was in awe at your guitar playing at the last Roundhouse gig! Who are your guitar idols?

    Much love xx

    1. Stevie says:

      Ahhh thanks very much. Keith Richard, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Bert Jansh, Gabor Szabo. They all immediately come to mind.

  5. Jake Goldman says:

    A bit of an odd question Stevie, but what did you eat yesterday? I caught your harmonica after the Leeds gig and then had an allergic reaction shortly after playing it. I am anxious to know what I had an allergic reaction to. Incredible gig by the way, thank you for playing Women’s Realm!

    1. Stevie says:

      Ahhh sorry I didn’t have time to disinfect the harmonica before I threw it. Yeah I guess it’s kinda unhealthy to share harmonicas. I can’t remember what I ate, prawn curry, maybe. Thanks for not asking if I ingested any drugs

  6. Ben says:

    Hi Stevie. I really enjoyed your gig at Bowlie. Your solo album has been on the cards for a year or two now but we haven’t had an update for a while. I remember reading at the end of last year that it would be released in 2011 and time’s ticking on. Is that still a possibility? Cheers.

    1. Stevie says:

      Oh yeah it’s coming out pretty soon I think.

  7. David says:

    Are you high on crack?

    1. Stevie says:

      Might be, what’s it to ya?

  8. Samantha says:

    Can you say when your solo record will be getting released Stevie? please x

    1. Stevie says:

      Pretty soon Samantha x

  9. bob leane says:

    hi stevie,
    was just chatting to some folks on a fan page and we were wondering if you were doing a solo album?
    there was talk of one a while ago, was just wondering if it was still in the works?


    bob x

    1. Stevie says:

      Oh yeah, won’t be long now!

  10. Kevin says:

    And Stevie, following on from the confirmation that you will be releasing a solo album in the not too distant future, will there be a short tour to accompany it?

    1. Stevie says:

      Yeah, well UK/Europe in November, look like, can’t wait…gonna come see me?

  11. Agnes says:

    I will definitely some see at least one of your concerts! You were GREAT at Bowlie!!

    1. Stevie says:

      Thank you Agnes, that means a lot. It’ll be exciting but kinda scary..bring it on!

  12. Daniel says:

    Hi Stevie,
    the lyrics for Last Trip cannot be find in the internet. Astounding. Since i’m not a native english speaker i’m having some difficulties with it. Would please post them? And since you have many fans on the other side of the world (Brasil here) please tell us as soon as possible your tour dates so we can plan a trip, ok?
    Really looking forward for your album. You are not foolong us again, are you?


    1. Stevie says:

      Here you go Daniel, will keep you informed abut the LP, yes it’s definitely coming, hope you like it ha ha


      Here I stand my Angel with a three quartz broken heart
      You said the grass was greener
      You knew that from the start
      It’s the Last Trip to my baby’s arms tonight

      Got my bread from the baker
      Two bit crusty roll
      Sang my song to the Saviour
      And down the road I go
      It’s the Last Trip to my baby’s arms tonight

      Anyday now, see me walking, hear me knocking
      On your front door
      Catch a bus, catch a train, catch a plane, it’s all the same
      It’s the Last Trip to my baby’s arms tonight

      Dreamin of her ways, her caressing, my obsessing
      She made me cry
      As I walk along, find myself smiling, I’m about to
      Lose my broken heart
      On the Last Trip to my baby’s arms tonight

  13. Flo says:

    I’ve heard it said that the London date on your tour is over 18s only? My friend and I have tickets, and we’ll be 17 and 9 months/17 and 10 months (exactly). I haven’t been able to find any evidence of this on google, but if it is true, what do you suggest we do?

    1. Stevie says:

      Hiya Flo, will look into itx

  14. Phil Gilliam says:

    Did you go to Norrie’s night down Dumbarton Road last Friday ? Ang thinks it was you there ? Did you like his paintings ? All the best

    1. Stevie says:

      Yeah I was there. I must have liked Norrie’s paintings as I went back the next day and bought a print, very nice.

  15. MIke says:


    Thank you for finally releasing your much anticipated solo record. I downloaded it as soon as it was available and it is on constant rotation on the ipod. My favorite tracks at the moment are Just,Just So To The Point, Try Me, Bird’s Eye View and Kurosawa. I am really enjoying the whole record. I was a little disappointed to see that “Lorrie was Indifferent” was not included on the track list. I absolutely love that song. Did you and Nicola Atkinson record it for the sessions? Excellent Work Stevie, 5 stars on your solo debut. I highly recommend it to all.


    1. Stevie says:

      Thank you Mike. Yeah the song is called ‘Lorries are Splendiferous’ and there is a recording of it somewhere. I don’t think I got it to my satisfaction. I’d like to release it though, I love it too. Glad you like the LP, thanks again!

  16. Darren says:

    Congratulations on your album. Will be seeing you in Brighton. The Concorde is the best venue in the whole world!

    Man of God is unashamedly Stevie Jackson until ‘Hear the voice of Donny Hathaway and the Detroit Emeralds’ POW, Bowie or Reed? After a double Laphroaig, I’ve settled on Bowie.

    My question is, going from touring with B&S with a huge back catalogue, will you be nervous about making a gig last? I’ve heard artists after their first album either finish too early or pad out with cover versions, although often played very well. Will you be tempted to throw in a B&S song? not that anyone would complain!

    Ideas from bands I have seen recently:
    I’m From Barcelona – Create a huge party atmosphere – balloons and confetti, Kazoos and paper planes. Distracts from the new songs, which are not quite as good as the first album. Always a pleasure to see live though.

    Ida Maria – Get completely pissed on stage, swig directly from wine bottles on the stage. I was dragged along to this one. ‘I like you [better] when your naked’ etc, HATE IT. Although once that one is done with she his a really good collection of songs, and her voice doesn’t falter as she drinks.

    They Might be Giants – Wonderful, nerdy, only time I’ve ever seen an audience member knit in time with the music. Seriously she was doing a jumper in time with Ana Ng. She was very attractive thought and probably only in her late 20s/early 30s

    1. Stevie says:

      Actually Darren, that line is sung by Roy Moller who incidentally does a fanastic Bowie impersonation on ‘Where do all the good girl’s go’.
      To be honest I’m not gonna play that long. I think for someone with one record out 50 mins is about right, after that your pushing it, people get bored. B&S is different as we’ve got lots of songs and we have to play for about an hour and a half which is expected from the ticket price alone. I don’t think I’ll have to pad anything out. I’ve got a great band and we’ll just play a few songs, we’ll probably do a cover or two for fun, who knows, it’s a month away and I’m still thinking about it. We’re not rehearsing any B&S songs. I might take a request though!

  17. Megan says:

    Am I supposed to read (I Can’t Get No) Stevie Jackson in Mick Jagger’s voice? Because that’s what I’ve been doing and I hope that’s what’s expected of me.

    1. Stevie says:

      Yeah Sure

  18. jay says:

    Stevie,when you come up with new songs do you just instictively know whether the song will be right for a “Belle and Sebastian” album or whether its best suited say for your own solo projects or even for another artist?Is it intuition or do you taylor them with a definate goal in mind?

    1. Stevie says:

      Nope, it’s just what’s around at any given time, everything is fair game.

  19. John says:


    Ace gig in Newcastle a few weeks back – as an exiled Scot (and massive B and S fan) it was nice to hear something that reminded me of home.

    Did you enjoy the gig? Most of been a bit more of a intimate venue than your used to these days?

    My signed LP is taking pride of place on my imaginary mantlepiece!

    Hope the rest of the gig goes well


    1. Stevie says:

      Thanks John, I enjoyed the gig very much.

  20. Julie says:

    Hi Stevie,
    I have really been enjoying your solo album and I really hope I can see you play live sometime. I saw B&S in Washington, DC last year and loved the audience participation on I’m Not Living in the Real World! I was just listening to Village Green Preservation Society, and it made me think of the ‘ooh woos’ in your song. Anyway, my question is two-fold – 1. Will you be doing similar audience participation-things during your tour, and 2. Do you think you’ll add some US dates at some point? You would make this Scottish ex-pat very happy. All the best with your tour xx PS. The video for Feel the Morning is pretty much perfect

    1. Stevie says:

      Thanks Julie, I’m in DC in a week, come see me x

  21. markus says:

    dear stevie,
    congratulations to your superb solo album!
    I also like the title of it “(I `can`t get no)Stevie Jackson”.
    Is it an idea that you have got long years ago?

    1. Stevie says:

      Errrrrrrrrr…..actually yeah!

  22. Sam says:

    Dear Stevie, I’d really love to have your face on my chest like on a t-shirt. I feel like your expression says a lot about what I feel a lot of the time. It’s like you’re a bit fearful because the world is such a frightful place and people are jerks, but then you’re also like “to hell with it all” and then you’re also looking at people under stern eyebrows going, “why do you do that? you could be so much better. I am disappointed, but that’s because I believe in you.” I wonder if that was your actual thought process when you posed for that portrait? But also, may we have that t-shirt, please?

    1. Stevie says:

      I just think that the girl who painted the portrait really got my eyes, feels like I’m looking in the mirror. I’m not really frightened of the world, maybe just sticking my head above the parapet or something. I’m not disappointed in anybody. I have been a disappointment to myself but I’m forever hopeful.

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