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Q. Rob Leane
Question answered on 19/01/2016. Filed under Random »

Hi gang!

I remember watching a wonderful Christmas concert you did a few years ago. I watched it on the interwebs, but it was a Glasgow show if I recall correctly!

I was just wondering, is there any way to watch this concert again? Was the video feed saved and stored anywhere?? A quick Google search has proved rather fruitless...

In lieu of that, what are your favourite Christmas songs?

Wishing you all a wonderful festive season, and a hearty 'get well soon!' to Stuart.

Also, big thanks for taking the time to respond to questions!

Rob xxx

P.S. I've compiled all the B&S Christmas clippings I could find in a YouTube playlist, if any of your fellow website-watchers would like to listen... It should be the first thing that comes up when you search for 'B&X-Mas' on YouTube.

A. Fiona

Here's one track from the Glasgow Barrowland show. Filmed at Christmas time but not a xmas show as such. Hope it's the right one - the full concert is up there somewhere! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfX9reiCEzg

Q. Evelyn
Question answered on 03/07/2014. Filed under Random »

I am five years old and my favorite song is Your Cover's Blown. I am wondering: what does the line 'Leave the boy home' mean?

A. Stuart

i don't believe you're 5!
it means that she should leave her boyfriend at home and step out with me.

Q. Valerie
Question answered on 03/07/2014. Filed under Random »

Hello! I'm more than in love with the song writing done by this band as well as the interpretation, meaning, and significance that comes along with it. (Of course the music behind the words are wonderful just the same) With that being said, I am really curious about the book that is mentioned more than once in a couple songs. Most prevalent, obviously, in the song "The State I Am In", the book "The State That I Am In" by Scott Neiss really catches my interest. It seems that Stuart rather admires this book. What is the significance of this book in relation to Stuart's life? Is it a book worth reading? I am in avid reader and would more than love to give it a read however it is rather expensive. I'll probably end up buyin it anyway, since I love this band and I'm interested. Just wondered why it struck Stuart as worth bringin up more than once. Thanks guys, keep rockin at what ya do.

A. Stuart

i think the book you mention might have been written some 6 years after the song, but have a stab anyway

Q. Hannah
Question answered on 03/07/2014. Filed under Random »

Is Stuart related to Ripert Murdoch??

A. Stuart

Ripert the Bear?

Q. jazz
Question answered on 03/07/2014. Filed under Random »

Alright Sarah, I was hoping to buy the Scotland T shirt .Me and my mate do stuff for auacity and guile. Im too drunk and youre too sexy, iknow bit rude but fancy dropping it of we could do a swap or maybe share a brandy im handy and randy in clydebank

A. Stuart

randy and handy in clydebank. how could she possibly refuse? and such a short bus journey! just past YOKER!