How To Solve Our Human Problems

A Conversation, with Stuart Murdoch & Arthur Calnan

Hi Folks

Here’s a conversation that me and a friend Arthur Calnan had a while ago. It was roughly on the subject of “How To Solve Our Human Problems", though we probably got off the subject a little. Arthur is a teacher at a local Buddhist centre in Glasgow, and is also a working psychiatrist, so i thought it would be good to record a chat and maybe explore some of the things that were on my mind around the time when the recent EPs were made and named.

Sample quote from Arthur.

“The fundamental tenet in Buddhism is that our problems come because we’re not bad people – even poor Donald (Trump). No one at their root is evil, people are just confused. They lack a basic contentment and they’re trying to fill that hole within themselves. From Buddha’s point of view people do evil things but no one is intrinsically evil, the problem is that they just lack wisdom."

Decide for yourself if we reached any wise conclusions, or whether we come out as nonplussed as i went in! Enjoy..

Recorded by Chris Geddes

Edited by Amanda Heather and Gary Heather