BACKGROUND: The joker in the pack.  Born, raised and still resident in Perth, if Richard ever made good he’d be a local boy made good.  Initially spurning his family’s musical tradition, Richard’s first foray into the world of entertainment was in the field of snooker.  Sadly he failed to break into the upper echelons of the snooker world, and inspired by The Matchroom Mob’s work with Chas’n’Dave, he reluctantly accepted his destiny.  He was a drummer.

NICKNAME(s): Rico.

EDUCATION: The mean streets of Perth.

ATTRIBUTES: Flexible; Tends to see the good in things; optimistic.

PUNCTUALITY: The drive from Perth provides ample room for excuses.  Be it a diversion in Dunblane, contraflow in Cumbernauld or an accident in Alloa, we’ve heard them all.  Avoids sleeping-in by staying up.  Probably more suited to roadie-ing in that respect.

SAMPLE QUOTE: “Oh, go on then.  One more.”

FINEST MOMENT: I’m sure it’s just around the corner.

MOST LIKELY TO: Score a century at snooker.  Live in Perth.  Consume alcohol.  Perform at his Grandparents’ Christmas show.  Consume more alcohol.  Grow a beard.  Say yes.  Find some element of his food that he doesn’t like, only to realise years later he actually does like it after all.  Do an accent or impression.  Throw an accordion out of a 3rd floor window just to hear it hit the ground.  Watch dangerous amounts of daytime TV.  Deliver your piano.  Fall asleep on your couch.  To have “met them at T in the Park.  Nice guys.  Like a drink.”  Look like he’s taking a shit when he drums.  Run up a huge room bill.  Hand in a huge guest list and end up having to pay for half of them.  Record a drum track in his pyjamas.  Forget to turn up for that hospital appointment he’s been waiting three years for.

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