BACKGROUND: It was a disillusioned Stevie Jackson that first saw Stuart Murdoch performing at Open Mic night at The Halt Bar in Glasgow. Stevie’s band, The Moondials, had recently split after struggling to realise their ambitions. The Erskine-born guitarist was set to embark upon a career as an Assistant Occupational Therapist, and reluctantly agreed to play guitar for Murdoch, while insisting he had no interest in joining another band. One successful album and a few gigs later, and Stevie remembered what had made him pick up the guitar all these years ago: the chicks.

NICKNAME(s): Stevie Reverb, Action Jackson, Jacko.

EDUCATION: , but it doesn’t seem that important really. With his encyclopaedic knowledge of ‘60s and ‘70s pop culture, it’s hard to imagine there’s room for much else up there.

ATTRIBUTES: Charming; focused; understanding.

PUNCTUALITY: Improved over the years, albeit from a poor start. Always genuinely sorry if late.

SAMPLE QUOTE: “I haven’t got to play my guitar since “Tigermilk””.

FINEST MOMENT: Buying Ronnie Wood a drink.

MOST LIKELY TO: Fall asleep behind the desk in the studio. Wear a suit. Know a fact about The Beatles. Play at a wedding. Remove his glasses seductively, then put them back on. Go to the gym. Sit really far forward in his seat while driving. Have an eye, hell, two eyes for the ladies. Ask for a bit more reverb. Go to see Bob Dylan live. Be confused for Walter Matthau. Remember a ‘70s TV show.