BACKGROUND: This Northern lass bided her time in Blackburn, Lancashire before making a break for her spiritual home: Glasgow. Drawn by the sounds of Teenage Fanclub and others, as well as the presence of an Expressway, which she hoped would lead to her skull, Sarah probably dreamed of making music herself.  And so it happened. Tipped off that “that guy who goes about Byres Rd” was looking for a violinist, Sarah offered her services. Which was just as well.  Within a few years, the John Smith’s bookshop that she worked in had become a Starbucks’.  And Sarah had made the move from violinist to violinist/singer and songwriter.

NICKNAME(s): Sadie.

EDUCATION: Arts Degree.  Probably just about worth the paper it’s written on, providing it’s quite cheap paper.

ATTRIBUTES: Generous; spirited; driven.

PUNCTUALITY: Not bad actually.  Not bad at all.

SAMPLE QUOTE: : “Look what I got in New York.  A Boba Fett Smoking Jacket!”

FINEST MOMENT: Probably forming a band with two of her heroes; Eugene Kelly and Gerry Love.  For band, read drinking club.

MOST LIKELY TO: Bring you back a present.  Have everyone back to hers’.  Possess the ingredients for a Long Island Ice Tea, or Absinthe if you prefer.  Exceed her baggage allowance (on the return journey).  Suggest we all go for burritos.  Be spotted in Ikea.  Watch 3 series’ of The Sopranos in one sitting.  Listen to american indie bands.  Give you a lift somewhere completely the other direction from where she was going.  Fawn over a dog.  Go to Sweden.  Suck her thumb.