BACKGROUND: Having a childhood split between Gloucestershire and Ayrshire doesn’t seem to have confused Beans too much.  He joined Belle & Sebastian having perhaps the best musical pedigree of them all, his previous band having supported riot grrls The Voodoo Queens.  Or possibly Mambo Taxi.  Returning to study in Glasgow, following a brief exile in Colchester, the young communist was eventually approached to join B&S.  During signing talks with Jeepster, he memorably laid down his terms: a pair of 24” flares, and a guarantee that the glory days would return to Celtic Park.  He signed anyway.  Ironically, it wasn’t until B&S left Jeepster that Celtic reached a European final. Makes you think.

NICKNAME(s): Beans, El Bino, Beanie Man, El Beanerinho if you’re not into that whole brevity thing.

EDUCATION: Physics degree.  More useful than you might think on those long bus journeys.  Trying to explain quantum physics to the rest of us should last most journeys.

ATTRIBUTES: Smart; social conscience; good taste in t-shirts.

PUNCTUALITY: Reasonably consistent, but with a couple of memorable howlers in the past.

SAMPLE QUOTE: “Only my bare hands”.  Beans’ response to the question “Have you any dangerous weapons?” by an airport security guard.

FINEST MOMENT: Manchester Town Hall 1997.  One after-show party, one bottle of Jack Daniels, one show the next afternoon, one very sick keyboard player, one bucket underneath one Hammond organ.  The show must have gone on.  He just doesn’t remember it.

MOST LIKELY TO: Spend large amounts of money on vinyl.  Float in a tempting cross from the right flank.  Go a bit bug-eyed.  Don the green and white hoops of the Glasgow Celtic.  Understand the concept of chaos.  Smash a piece of equipment for having the temerity not to work for him.  Make a curry.  Fancy Sporty Spice.  Not get his Vegetarian meal on a Trans-Atlantic flight.  Be the one to make it uneven sides at football.  Try to put some scratching on the records.  Throw a fit on the Go-Kart track at Benicassim because Stevie cut him up.  Introduce an electronic element.  Sleep with his eyes somewhat disturbingly open, giving the impression of being dead.