hi folks

this is the latest in a long line of requests to you, but it’s worth asking – you are usually so accommodating.

I was wondering, this summer, if you have seen us, or are about to see us, and you have any video clips of me, in particular, would you consider sending them in to us?

this is for a documentary project that I am doing. the film is about CFS/ME. one of the aspects of the doc is how I manage to handle the ME whilst holding my position in a middle division rock and roll band.

so if you have caught me on camera, whether I’m on stage, or you made it to the stage during ‘arab strap’ (not that we condone filming at that point!), or I ran into you on a bus, or at a baseball game somewhere, send your clip in, that would be most useful to us.

wetransfer is probably the easiest method (to [email protected]). even I managed to use that a few times and it’s stuart proof.

one of these days, hopefully I might even get to talk to some of the you who have CFS/ME. I know over the years that some of you have been in touch, and it would be nice to get some of you to go on record.. but that’s for another day.

just getting on the plane for Canada, looking forward to seeing you all out there!