Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance

  Our new album ‘Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance’ is released on Jan 19th/20th and is available to pre-order now in the following formats: Digital (iTunes come with pre-order bonus track ‘Piggy‘ and pre-order bonus ‘A Politician’s Silence’) CD (with 24 [...]

The Third Eye Centre

Our new album is a collection of rarities, collectibles and non-LP tracks from the last decade on double heavyweight vinyl in deluxe heavy gatefold packaging. We have both vinyl and CD in stock so if you want to add it to your collection, you can buy it [...]

Dog Delivery

A little bird told me that a box of these Dog On Wheels brooches landed in the B&S office today. We are mad about these little guys.  Barking mad you might

Keep on Keepin Warm

The festive season is behind us here in Glasgow but the cold weather keeps us company for another couple of months yet. Grab one of our college scarves and keep on keepin