Cover photo by Marisa Privitera Murdoch

A few weeks back we asked fans on Twitter to send in their thoughts and feelings about lockdown and a project was born. Today we invite you all to collaborate with us on Part 2 – a song – “Protecting The Hive”. Singing lyrics written by fans, the band recorded a really stripped back version of the song and uploaded to Soundcloud. In short, we’re inviting you to download the bones of the song, take it away, add a bass line, a trumpet, a voice, whatever you like and create your own version of ‘Protecting The Hive’. You may want to download the stems from Soundcloud playlist and import to Garageband or other audio app but if you’re feeling lo-fi why not just download the full instrumental version and film yourself playing your instrument or singing over the top?

Click HERE for Soundcloud Playlist.

Click HERE for song lyrics

We’ll be asking you soon to submit your creations but in the meantime, have fun & welcome to the band!