Like a fresh manifestation of an old phenomenon
A breeze whips through the trees
The rustling leaves and branches bend together they’re cued to sway
Forever by the forces of the Lord’s choreography

Just for a second the combination of sights, sounds around him
Sends him hurtling back to the mirror of all of his teenager thoughts and fears
He passes big houses and family cars
They saddled the horses in cobblestone yards
He catches the moon looking down from the stars
Just like it’s done for years and years

Perpetual feeling in the grown up world that’s all around him
That there’s secrets that could be revealed with knowledge and philosophy
And ‘Oh to be dumb, Oh to be smart’
He might be nursing a broken heart
But feeling this way he’s just playing a part
That’s been around for centuries

I wandered all night, I wondered all night about you
I’ve been here for years just wandering around the neighbourhood