A lack of understanding
You took for being lazy
I was just being lazy
I’m even doing it now
I know that you have saved me
I love that you have saved me

Save your pennies careful
Let both blues eye be watchful
It’s best to forget freedom
It’s best to be enslaved
Better still to love first
Harder still to love first

You’re my winter queen that disappeared
Your hands grew cold
You ran a mile from my ways
Last I heard you had a
Four floor view
With lots of time
A notebook full of the finest creamy rich girl parchment pages
Slowly filled with all your passing days
Every sacred word
Paints a picture

Bigger were his muscles
And farther go his dollars
But when you are in trouble
And when you are uptight
I get the midnight phone call,
I’m your captain for the long haul

If someone else is near me
You scuttle up the pavement
It’s no one that I care for
I pause for an effect
You calculating bimbo
I wish you’d let the past go