UK release date: October 20th, 2003

Sleeve Notes

A record of the development of Belle & Sebastian during their time with Jeepster, from ‘…Sinister’ to ‘Storytelling’. Featuring all of the videos, live performances, interviews, out-takes, TV appearances, early documentary foootage, exclusive material and behind the scenes insights into the evolution of the band.

DVD compiler Blair Young said of his work with BELLE & SEBASTIAN on the project:

“I was approached by the band to compile the DVD about a year and a half ago. There was some concern that, however charismatic they are, the earlier videos may be a little testing when you watch them all in a row. So we set about digging around for material, and considering the band had a reputation for being ?media shy?, found ourselves with around 50 hours worth of footage. We wanted it to summarise that era, but at the same time show the band in a slightly different light. I wanted it to look like an early 90s skateboard video, in particular the Alien Workshop & Deathbox videos, where inbetween the main sections would be clips or collages that added to the general aura of things.

“What we tried to do with the DVD was make something completely watchable from start to finish; it didn’t have to make sense, and it didn’t have to be strictly chronological. It was more important that it was good to watch, and although the technology of the DVD encourages random access, we wanted it to be like a film, where you get more from watching the whole, rather than just the parts. Its a bit like making a good compilation tape for a friend – you lay the thing out in an appropriate order, maybe throw in a few little samples from films, and try and make your friend want to make a compilation tape too. But as much as possible, you try to let them hear stuff they’ve never heard before, or notice songs they didn’t like previously.”

Catalogue numbers: UK – JPRDVD001, US – OLE587-9 and OLE611-9