Dear Diary reader

Happy New Year to you, and all that.

It is indeed a happy day, the day when everything gets back to normal. (Scotland takes two public holidays at New Year, so if the 1st of Jan falls on a Saturday, then it’s the 5thbefore normality is reached.)

I was out at 8 this morning, lapping up the  normality with a spoon. As is well documented in these pages, I love the early morning vibe, I love the normality vibe; I love it so much that I often piggy back onto the 9-5 vibe, pretend I’m going to work, to do something purposeful and important. Then I end up back in the house with a cup of tea staring at the old computer.

So.. I’m here talking to you. We’ll have to invent our own party vibe. Our own making, doing, saying vibe. And, in essence, that’s what we’ve been doing all these years!

Not a cheep from the band though. Beans is in South Africa at a wedding, Richard is in America with his girlfriend, where he hangs out a lot. I’m sure Bob must be back from Northern Ireland. He’ll be doing his thing in the south side of the city, as will Stevie and Mick. And Sarah’s West of here, walking her dog, and dreaming up tunes – I hope.

I’m just thinking out loud here. I was in the café this morning, and while eating my muffin, I thought, well, what kind of place do I want to invent, with what kind of people, and to what purpose?

I think that’s why the God Help The Girl fun will be so fun, when we finally get around to making it. All this B&S activity has been great, but I haven’t forgotten about the film, and it hasn’t become any less dear in my thoughts. I’m just trying to raise the funds to film it at the minute, and I’m going to start thinking about casting soon, which ought to be fun.

I’ll tell you what else i’m thinking about..

I’m anxious to get the group together, to see where we’re at. I know we’ve got all these gigs lined up, but that is only one facet of the group. While we’re in work mode, I like to have recording/filming  projects going, at least in the thinking stage.

Think the band will become more of a local industry for a while, recording our next stuff in Glasgow. I have an idea for a themed LP, but I don’t want to discourage pop songs, so I think I’m going to propose that we may record a song or two songs whenever we feel like, in Glasgow, and have quite a relaxed approach to recording. New sounds may emerge – you never know..

The Celestial Café will be out toward the end of the month, in shops and stuff. I may do some readings; not sure. Not feeling it too much. Readings are ok, but I prefer the idea of performing, and it would have to at least be poetry to reach the performance stage.

Oh, I know what I was going to tell you. Matador went through all the entries of the Write About Love writing competition. They sent me what they judged to be the top 60 or so. (I had initially tried to get through them all, but I needed help! There was so many..)

Well, can I just report that the standard was at an intimidating level! I thought the writing was universally beautiful, thoughtful, funny, interesting. I was moved to tears on a few occasions; at least, a dampness in the corner of the eye.

I have a Top 5. I have them, and I’m leaving them for a few days, to percolate round my system. I’m confidant that these are my favourites, it’s just getting to pick a winner; that’s going to be tricky.

Wonder if I should give anything away? Maybe just the states. Okay, my faves are from Pennsylvania, New York, Nebraska, DC and California.

If you are ruled out, please don’t feel bad! I really did just go for the ones that took my fancy. I’m very subjective. Any other person might have gone for 5 completely different ones…

I just got to this nice New Year stage, with the months tumbling downhill in front of me. What would make everything that little bit more perfect would be me being able to run and jump! I’m going in to have a procedure done on my knee tomorrow. They’ll have to put me under, and I may be on crutches for a bit, but it will be worth it to be able to run again. I’ve written Good Knee Bad Knee with a sharpie on my right leg and left leg respectively, so the doc doesn’t carve up the wrong one. It has been known..