Hi guys

I’m not sure if this stuff interests you, but I thought I’d give you an update of where we are with the God Help The Girl project. It’s not stricly B&S related, but one thing’s for sure, if I can get this picture made, I can get back to writing for Belle and Sebastian, so surely a good thing.

And it does indeed seem that the possibility of making it is getting closer. I said to Barry, the producer of God Help The Girl, that I needed to make the film next summer. It would just be too long to leave the guys in B&S, twiddling their thumbs, if I didn’t make it then.

So he responded admirably, and with the rest of the production team, they swung into acton on a funding drive. We’ve had people coming into help us already, investing in the project, so we’ve had a nice start, but the plan was always to appeal to ‘ordinary’ people too, and that’s what we’re doing with Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is an online company that helps get your project funded. It’s a place where anyone can go and contribute whatever he and her wants to a project of their choice. In return, there are ‘rewards’ and ‘prizes’ up for grab. It ranges from just a thankyou email (not much of a ‘prize’ I’ll admit, but we are genuinely thankful!) for a $5 stake, to a chance to for a walk on part in the film and perhaps a line or so..

and a load of stuff in between..

I’m particularly looking forward to taking interested parties round on a bus trip to show off some of the locations, stopping for a spot of light lunch of course.

The details are all up here..

And there’s a fly on the wall recording of a phone call here..

Illustrating how Barry and I hash out all the finer details of such a campaign.

Well, wish us luck, and I ferevently hope that I may meet some of you at one of the special previews that we will endeavor to put on. By that time, hopefully, the worst of it will be over, and we’ll all be in the mood for a bit of a party..