UK release date: Jan 19th 2015
US release date: Jan 20th 2015
Highest UK Chart Position:9
Highest US Chart Position:28
Catalogue Numbers: UK CD – RTRADCD480 / US CD – 8281241


Nobody’s Empire
The Party Line
The Power of Three
The Cat With The Cream
Enter Sylvia Plath
The Everlasting Muse
Perfect Couples
Ever Had A Little Faith
Play For Today
The Book of You
Today (This Army’s For Peace)

Produced by Ben H Allen III for MakeRecordsNotBombs
Mixed by Ben H Allen III and Jason Kingsland
Recorded by Jason Kingsland
Additional Recording by Sumner Jones
Studio Assistants Adam Klafbe, John Rosser, Ryan Wright,
Zach Pyles, Bill Zimmerman
Session Coordination Monica Tannian for
Milk Money Consulting

Additional Recording on The Everlasting Muse, Born To Act and Perfect Couples
at COD Studios, Glasgow

Mixing on Born to Act, The Everlasting Muse, A Politician’s Silence, Perfect Couples,
and Nobody’s Empire by Tony Doogan

Mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios, London

Additional Musicians
Bass on all songs except The Book of You by Dave McGowan

Vocals on Play for Today by Dee Dee Penny, who appears courtesy of Sub Pop Records

String Arrangements on Born to Act, Cat with the Cream, A Politician’s Silence, Power of Three and Ever Had A Little Faith?
by Andy Thomson

Strings Performed by the Laurels String Quartet: Josh Misner (Violin), Jesse Peterson (Violin), Erica Burton (Viola), Dan Lawonn (Cello).

Strings recorded at Humans Win! in Minneapolis
Engineered by Andy Thompson and Bo Bodner

Backing vocals on Piggy In The Middle, Play for Today, and Nobody’s Empire: Charles Antonio Hightower,
Tanya Smith, Alfreda Gerald, Natasha D.Evans

Horn Players on Born to Act, Piggy in the Middle, The Party Line, The Everlasting Muse and Nobody’s Empire: Joe Gransden (Trumpet), Kevin Hyde (Trombone), Will Scruggs (Saxophones (Alto, tenor, baritone))

Additional synths, programming and percussion Ben H Allen III on: The Book of You, Born to Act, The Cat With The Cream, Ever Had a Little Faith? The Everlasting Muse, Nobody’s Empire, The Party Line, Perfect Couples, Piggy in the Middle, Play for Today, The Power of Three, Enter Sylvia Plath, Today (This Army’s for Peace), Two Birds

Cover Stars Tamzin Merchant, William Watt, Sarah Swire, Adrian Lobb, Danny Gallagher
Photos by Stuart Murdoch
Photography assistants Marisa Privitera Murdoch and Suzie Beith
Costumes Katharine Heath
Stylist Denise Coombes
Assistant stylist Lisa Bertellotti
Hair & Make up Nicole Stafford
Sleeve design Emma Howlett at D8 (
Illustrations by Katharine Heath

Belle and Sebastian are managed by James Sandom and Jessica Lord for Red Light Management and Fiona Morrison for Banchory Music

All songs published by Polar Patrol Music

Thanks to James Sandom, Fiona Morrison and Jessica Lord

Chris Lombardi, Patrick Amory, Gerard Cosloy,
Natalie Judge, Robby Morris and Stuart Davie at Matador Records.

Martin Mills, Rian Fosset, Tiger Hagino Reid,
Miwa Okumura, Risa Matsuki, Hana Mogulescu and Chris Bellam at Beggars

Jonny Quinn, Steve Farris, Gary Lightbody, Nathan Connolly and
Natalie Nissim at Polar Patrol Publishing.

Dave McGowan, Frances McCahon, Nils Bernstein, Jim Romeo, Adam Saunders,
Ben Allen & Wendy Hanson, Jason Kingsland, Sumner Jones, Tony Doogan, Peter Shershin,
Brian McNeill, Dean Canale, David Brand, Robert White, Robin Scott, Rob Lister, Stephen MacDougall,
Stuart MacInnes, Johnny Laing, Brian Livingstone, Kenny MacLeod, Allen Johnstone, Mark Trayner,
Michael Ritchie, Mike Hogg, Mick Cooke, Sarah Willson, Vicky Matthews, Charlie Cross, Neil Douglas,
Gryphon Graham, Glen Thompson, Jimmy Symington, Beth Allen, Blair Young, Michael Sherrington, Oscar Sansom,
Jim McKenna, Mike Beauchamp for the loan of the Theravox, Ben Holst and Paul Ranter for the loan of their mandolins,
Jane MacInnes, Gary Thom, Peter and Pam Martin, Yvonne Kincaid, Cass and Jody Kildea, Vic Firth, Andrew Shreve at Paiste America,
Jolyne and Roddy Colburn, Marisa and Denny.