Belle and Sebastian by Søren Solkær _I7R0071(SML)

As part of our West End Festival mini-programme we’ll be presenting a late night cinema session at Glasgow’s Grosvenor Cinema.  Join us from 8pm for some pre-cinema drinks and tunes, followed by a single or double feature of your choice.

Belle And Sebastian’s

Sat 11 June / £10 for double bill, £6.00 for single film
Belle and Sebastian present a night of movie magic in the Grosvenor Cinema with four films split over two screens. Join us in the Lane Bar from 9pm for warm-up drinks and DJ sets from Chris Geddes and Sarah Martin.

Tickets on sale from The Grosvenor Cinema website 12pm on Wednesday, May 4th, 2016.

Screen 1
Both films introduced by Stuart Murdoch and Stevie Jackson at 10pm.
DO THE RIGHT THING (1989) – 10.00pm
Spike Lee’s smart, spiky film about music, racism and the streets of New York.
BLOW-UP (1966) – 00.10am
Antonioni’s cult film from 1967 starring David Hemmings as the trendy London photographer who may have seen something sinister through his lens.

Screen 2
24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE (2002) – 10.00PM
Directed by Michael Winterbottom, starring Steve Coogan as Manchester’s pop guru Tony Wilson. Introduced by Sarah Martin.
PERFORMANCE (1970) – 00.10am
Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg’s tale of an East London gangster (Edward Fox) hiding out in the house of a one-time rockstar (Mick Jagger). Introduced by Stuart Murdoch.