Hi Folks

It’s 20 years on from a certain little gathering that happened on the south coast of England – the original Bowlie Weekender.

We were chatting about it, me and the group – the fun time we had, but also the stress and strain of putting it together. The overall feeling that came out of it afterwards was that it was worth it. The people that attended seem to have a good time!

Communications were different back then, but word of mouth was that entertainment had been had, ale had been quaffed, and some life long bonds had been formed.

You know me, I like a good story. I’m kind of interested to look back, actually to look back at that whole period – when the ‘Sinister’ list was in its pomp, when the ‘Bowlie’ list was just getting going.. when people started telling their secrets to others they had never met, sometimes on the other side of the world. I’m just really interested how you were feeling then, and how you feel about it now.

If you were at Bowlie, was it a big deal to you? Was it hard to get to? Did it take a lot of courage to go? Did you go on your own? Did you have an ace time? Did you have a shit time?! Were you confused back then? Or were things simple, perhaps blissful? Are you more confused now..?

Or did you not go to Bowlie, but were at least aware of it.. did it seem an awful long way away in a remote part of the universe! Or were you just deep in the ways of the Sinister or Bowlie list, and feel like you made a real connection that way?

We were thinking that it might be fun to look back on that period, but turn the attention on you, rather than us. We’d love to hear your stories, your impressions, even if you just want to vent! It would be best if you were actually AT the first bowlie, in camber sands, but we’re also interested in talking to people who feel they had a strong connection with the group around that time or since.

We’d like to talk to you – we’re thinking we might put together a long article about it all, we’re not sure exactly about the format. But in the meantime, if you’d like to drop us a short note- you can either write to us, 200 words max, or record a short message for us – just tell us who you are, how Bowlie was for you.. or even how you think Bowlie might have been for you, had you made it!

You can email us at: [email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you

Stuart Murdoch