this ain’t going to tell you anything new, but i’ll post anyway, just for content..

1 There is an important evolution of your sound in “Girls in Peacetime..”. Why?

We get bored, we just like to go with our whims and desires, and this is where it took us.

2 Can we define it your less Scottish album?

You can define it any way you please!

3 Did you want to celebrate the parties of your youth?

This is true for the one song called “The Party Line”. We imagined writing a song that would sound good played at our favourite club in the 90s, called ‘Divine’ at the Art School.

4 Are you really the kind of person that likes to dance all night?

I used to be when i had the energy. Why wouldn’t i be? I love music, you know. I love being in a room where there is at least a chance of seeing some women around: where better than on a dance floor?

Also, i don’t drink, so i get bored in nightclubs without dancing.
5 I wrote in my “Girls in Peacetime…” review that maybe the best songs in it are the most dancing and electro, campared to those in a classic B&S style. Do you agree?

Possibly. Does it matter what i think?

6 I love the way you mix private and public in your lyrics. I love “Nobod’s Empire” lyrics, for example. Have you got a special technique when writing lyrics?

If they are coming out good, i keep writing.

If they stink, i stop.

One can try too hard to write lyrics. Good lyrics are a valuable gift, and usually reflect the writer’s experiences, desires, and dislikes. As soon as you outside of that range, they tend to get stinky.

7 What’s the real secret of your sophisticated, elegant and cultured pop songs?

How could i consider them like that?! They are just moments of pleading for a better life. Maybe the producer brings the sophistication, but we’ll blame the rest on inherent good taste on the part of the bandmembers.

8 You’re playing one single concert in Italy this summer. What should Italian fans expect from Ancona’s concert?

We like to mix up the sets, so i’m not sure yet. We like to play songs from every year of the band. Plus we made film to go with some tracks. We are playing one more show in Italy this year, in Sesto al Reghena . We hope they will be as good as the two we played last year, in Sicily and Cesena, two of the best we ever played.

9 What do you enjoy most in touring?

I have a fetish for taking my case out in the heat somewhere, and stripping off my old clothes and putting clean ones on. And then organising my suitcase again, before i put it back on the bus. It’s like, i can control my whole world.

I also love a day off in a city or in a place that you really want to be in, like New York or San Francisco, or Rome!

10 Which reasons lead you to write songs today? Are they the same than twenty years ago?

Usually, except not so urgent. That’s why it’s a good idea to work in different ways, to write with people, or for different people to sing like i did with the movie God Help The Girl.

One difference is that i’m moved to write about my faith quite often, which has changed a lot over the years.

I wish i could put more “wisdom” into songs, but songs are better if they display a lack of knowing, a naiveté.

11 Do you feel to be a member of a band of veterans? What about the weight of these 20 years in music?

I feel no weight. I am no veteran.

12 Can you tell me the name of a band that you admire and who continued to make good music more than others after twenty years of career?

You got me.

13 Are you listening to something good right now?

Right now i was listening to the long version of “Blinded by the light” by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. It’s pretty far out and proggy, but i love Springsteen’s lyrics.

14 Are you reading any novel?

A nice publisher just sent me a pile of young adult novels to read in case they would inspire me to write one myself. I’m not sure that i’ll read them though. I’m going through a non novel stage. I just like reading history on wikipedia.

15 Which is the best movie of 2014/2015?

Boyhood, easy. Shits on everything else, including Birdman. Boyhood is the classic.