hello all

i’ve been seeing quite a lot of the group recently so i guess that is a way-in to me writing on these pages again. a few cobwebs to be dusted, a few tatty curtains to be opened..

and there you are.

you find me still in glasgow, where i always seem to be. i am no less enamoured with this city, now that i have documented one of its many secret adventures (‘god help the girl’) the city is still hanging here in the green grey valley, with a nod to the sea, and a nod to the hills around it.

wonder what the next adventure might be. i look all the time.

this morning my wife commented on the way into work

“you really don’t have a clue what’s going on, do you?"

and i had to admit, on an administrative level, that my information was far from accurate or up to date.

“how you can you not know when the screening is, or where we are staying, or who’s even organising it?"

well, i said, i just assume someone will tell me in time. if i bothered with all these things, i wouldn’t get any work done. i said that my ears were like satellite dishes and they were constantly listening out for new instruction and perhaps new stories, and at this, she sighed.

someone came up to my wife at a festival and said

“you’re married to stuart?"

she nodded

“you must pinch yourself everyday." he said in admiration

“Ha!" she said

“Ha!" she said again. she ‘Ha’d!’ the boy out of the building.

She likes often to say that to me in a delighted and elfish little voice, when i’m particularly stubborn, non-responsive, bloody-minded, untidy, Eeyore-like.

“I must pinch myself every day."

so, the machine is slowly gearing up again. i think we have announced some gigs. this summer is meant to serve as a means of getting warmed up again. not sure we’ll have a squad of new songs to play to you, but perhaps you won’t mind us dusting down some oldies, if we happen to passing through your neighbourhood.

and if there is a particular song that you hanker to hear in a live setting (but bear in mind that we’ll be on some pretty large stages, so the ‘chalet lines’ might just not work) then feel free to get in touch by the usual routes. we still pay attention to your emails, you know!

and if you feel forthright enough to tell us what you think our new direction should be, once the heat of the summer has died down, and we are facing the quiet of the writing rooms, the polished timber tables of creative academia, once more.. then tell us! don’t be coy! demand it of us.

we are your public broadcast brethren, with an indie baroque-rock bent.