BACKGROUND: Dundee lad Mick originally guested on B&S’ early recordings, due to the fact his own band, Hardbody, were signed to Sony.  After initially rebuffing B&S’ offers (see below), he was eventually suckered into joining in time for the “Boy With The Arab Strap” album.  A true musical gypsy, there’s barely a style of music he hasn’t toyed with.  And barely a double-entendre he hasn’t made.  A clean-cut young man, his large suitcase has become renowned for always coming on tour, regardless of how long we’re away for.  A day or a month, it doesn’t matter.  What he keeps in there is anyone’s guess.  Whatever it is, you can be sure it’s going to be immaculately folded.

NICKNAME(s): Mickolas.  Mickolas Mickelby.  Formerly known as Shagger.

EDUCATION: Pharmacology degree.  Yet to be put to any real use, unless he’s got some kind of lab in his house, which isn’t out of the question really.

ATTRIBUTES: Reasonable, Mischievous, Good eye for detail.

PUNCTUALITY: Ah, the strange case of Mick.  Undoubtedly the most organised in the band, Isobel’s departure has left him exposed as the least punctual Belle.  Why?  We can only assume he’s too busy being organised to be on time.  A true enigma.

SAMPLE QUOTE: Oh, I don’t know.  Probably something to do with his horn I’d imagine.

FINEST MOMENT: Probably the time the group gathered together to ask Mick to join full-time, having been part-time trumpet player.  The buzz of anticipation was palpable as everyone excitedly awaited Mick’s grateful acceptance.  And his response? “Err, no thanks.”  Obviously he later relented, a decision he has probably never regretted.  Nope.  Never.  Either that or accidentally eating a seafood vol-au-vent at The Brit Awards, and having to go back to the hotel to go green and vomit, leaving Richard to celebrate by himself.

MOST LIKELY TO: Exceed his baggage allowance (on the outward journey).  Find some innuendo amusing.  Play in a ska band on the side.  Have an alarming allergic reaction to seafood.  Go jogging after soundcheck.  Indulge in a spot of home improvement.  Moisturise.  Have a theme party.  Become involved with a theatre group.  Have a pension plan.

August 14, 2014
It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career – Back Catalogue Vinyl Reissues
“It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career” Series Out October 7
July 25, 2014
ATP, Iceland
We are delighted to announce that we'll be headlining the first night at ATP in Ásbrú, Iceland.
July 15, 2014
God Help The Girl Soundtrack Released
God Help the Girl: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out August 18 in the UK and September 2 in North America via Milan.
July 14, 2014
God Help The Girl, Edinburgh Screening & B&S performance
God Help The Girl will have a special screening in Edinburgh
July 4, 2014
Search for Cover Star
Glasgow band (us) seek undiscovered cover star for forthcoming record sleeve.
June 11, 2014
North American Tour Dates
So since we’re in Austin in October we thought we’d drop by and say ‘hi’ to some of you good people in Florida, Atlanta, LA, and Phoenix!
June 3, 2014
Kelvingrove Bandstand
The secret is out! We're playing the Kelvingrove Bandstand this coming July 23rd
April 29, 2014
New Dates: Rocca Malatestiana & Ypsigrock Festival, Italy
It’s always a great pleasure to return to Italy, so with a song in our heart we are very happy to announce that we will be at Rocca Malatestiana on August 8th and at Ypsigrock Festival on August 10th.  
April 22, 2014
Live Dates added: Austin City Limits Music Festival, Austin Texas
Looks like we're heading to Austin in October to play at Austin City Limits Music Festival!
April 11, 2014
Just Announced… July 28th, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
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