White Collar Boy - cover artwork
Release Information

UK release date: 26th June, 2006
UK Chart Position: 45

The White Collar Boy *
Heaven In The Afternoon *
Long Black Scarf *

The White Collar Boy
Baby Jane

The White Collar Boy
Sukie In The Graveyard (Live)

“The White Collar Boy”
Produced and Mixed by Tony Hoffer
Engineered by Todd Burke and Tony Hoffer
Assistant Engineers: Jason Mott (Sound Factory)
Recorded at The Sound Factory, Los Angeles
Mixed at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles by Tony Hoffer
Assistant Engineer: Chris Reynolds

“Heaven In The Afternoon” and “Long Black Scarf ”
Produced by Belle and Sebastian and Tony Doogan at The Castle of Doom, Glasgow. Mastered by Frand Arkwright at Metropolis.

“Baby Jane”
Recorded exclusively for Sirius Radio, USA.

“Sukie In The Graveyard”
Recorded live at BBC Scotland’s ‘The Music Show’. Thanks to Iain Ross, David Aitken and Lisa Moultrie.

“White Collar Boy” video
Director: Mike Palmieri
Produced by Helen Cavallo

On The Cover: Catherine Ireton. Pictures by Stuart assisted by Marisa Privitera.
Sleeve Design and Layout by Keith Dodds at D8 and Belle and Sebastian.

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