The Boy With The Arab Strap - cover artwork
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UK release date: September 7th, 1998
Highest UK Chart Position: 12
Highest US Chart Position: 15 (Billboard “Heatseekers” chart)
Catalogue numbers: CD – JPRCD003 / LP – JPRLP003 / Cassette – JPRMC003

It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career *
Sleep The Clock Around *
Is It Wicked Not To Care? *
Ease Your Feet In The Sea *
A Summer Wasting *
Seymour Stein *
A Space Boy Dream *
Dirty Dream Number Two *
The Boy With The Arab Strap *
Chickfactor *
Simple Things *
The Rollercoaster Ride *

‘Belle Et Sebastian’ is a novel by Madame Cecile Aubry about a boy Sebastien and his Pyrenees mountain dog Belle. It became famous and popular children’s tv series in France and then in the world in the early seventies. Although it is little to do with the eight of us playing music, that is where the name came from, and we are grateful to Madame Cecile Aubry for letting us use the name until now and we pay homage to her work.
Neil Robertson played bass guitar on track 7, but it’s all the other stuff that he does for us that really helped make the record.
The string section on tracks 7 and 8 is Gail Anderson, Claire Campbell, Eilidh Campbell, Euan Forrester, David D Mackay and Sarah Wilson.
The piper on track 2 is Ian MacKay.
We’d also like to thank the following people for helping out while we made this record… Mark Jones, Katrina House, Stef D’Andrea, Jo D’Andrea, David Kitchen, Emmanuel De Buretel, Karn David, Ronnie Black, Sharon Colburn, Gus Campbell, Paul Mitchell, Roy Moller, Mark Trayner, Perry Rule, Gerard Albo, Jake Dabner and Stevie Dreads. We got tired of being thankful to Mick Cooke so we asked him to join, and he did, after a while.

THIS LP WAS RECORDED BY TONY DOOGAN, with assistance from Willie Deans and Dave Noughton, at Ca Va Studios.  It was mastered by Tim Dennen at Masterpiece.

The picture on the inside was taken by El Zober. The layout is by Andrew Symington.  The title of this record in no way refers to the cover star, by the way.

Belle et Sebastien is the title of a novel and a filmed series by Mme Cecile Aubry: the artists wouldlike to thank Mme Cecile Aubry for having given them permission to take on this name.

Belle et Sebastien est le titre d’un roman er d’une serie de films de Madame Cecile Aubry: les artistes remercient Madame Cecile Aubry de les avoir autorises a emprunter ce nom.

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