The Blues Are Still Blue - cover artwork
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UK release date: April 3rd, 2006
UK Chart Position: n/a
Catalogue numbers: CD – RTRADSCD313 / 7″ – RTRADS313 / DVD – RTRADSDVD313

The Blues are Still Blue *
The Life Pursuit *
Mr. Richard *

The Blues Are Still Blue
Whiskey In The Jar (Thin Lizzy)

The Blues Are Still Blue
Roy Walker (Live at The Botanics)


Produced and Mixed by Tony Hoffer.
Engineered by Todd Burke and Tony Hoffer.
Assistant Engineer: Jason Mott (Sound Factory).
Recorded at The Sound Factory, Los Angeles.
Mixed by Tony Doogan at The Castle of Doom, Glasgow.

“Whisky in The Jar” recorded at Today FM Studios for Tom Dunnes Pet Sounds.
Engineer: Gavin Blake.
Mastered by Frank Arkwright at Metropolis, London.

“The Blues Are Still Blue” video directed by Jonnie Ross.
Produced by Helene Polverelli

“Roy Walker” (Live At The Botanics) Directed by Blair Young.
Produced by Beth Allan for Forest of Black

On the cover: Jihae Simmons, CJ McGinty and JJ Molloy.

Thanks to Fraser Howat at Castlemilk Community Centre. Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, Laura Thoel, Shawn Tolleson, Murray Rubenstein, Craig Eisenberg, Kevin ONeill, David Rodriguez, Chris Heinrich, Victoria Tidlarch, Orlando Hernandez, Marign Veltman, Neil Moore, Max Ellis, Phillipe Casseus, Darryl Hill, Dave Cooper, Nova Clark, Matt Salata, Brandon Jay, Henry Evans, Lydia Paddon, Vanessa Van Tuyl, Dawn Bracco, Charlie Slemaker, Jack Cohen, Guy Flint, Joe Pires, Yaron Kaplan, R J Turner, Seibu Austin, Kris Nicholau, Jill Allen, Arthur Roberts, Erin Denardo, Dylan Jones, Ruth Macy, Jack Messanger, Jon Morris, Fivel Stewart, Sehai Murashige, Johnny Pemberton, Horatio Pena, Justin Polinsky, Andrew Wollman, Elizabeth OBrick, Chad Fogland, Erik Neilsen, Tiffany Elle, Patrick McKenzie, Cecil Cole, Olivia Anker, Dillon Glezen, Demorge Brown, Forrest Gilder.

Pictures by Stuart.

Sleeve Design and Layout by D8 and Belle and Sebastian.

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