Jonathan David EP - cover artwork
Release Information

UK release date: June 18th, 2001
UK Chart Position: 31
Catalogue numbers: CD – JPRCDS022 / 12″ – JPR12022 / 7″ – JPR7022

CD, 12″ & 7″
Jonathan David *
Take Your Carriage Clock And Shove It *
The Loneliness Of A Middle Distance Runner *


Produced by Belle and Sebastian and Tony Doogan.
Engineered by Tony except “Carriage Clock” at which point the rangy Geoff Allan stepped in.
Mastered by Frank Arkwright.

We were aided by the following musicians for “Carriage Clock”: Murray Ferguson (violin), Willie Gamble (pedal steel), Gary Grochla (double bass) and Mary Ward (viola).

The front cover shows Bobby Kildea, Gill Dodds and Mick holding very still, while on the back we have Mick and Roy Hunter. Sleeve design by Divine Inc.


The deal with the sleeve, because you’re probably scratching your head, As of course a play on the David and Goliath story. There they are on the back cover slogging it out. Here they are sitting down to a nice cup of tea in between shots.

The front cover show what happens after David beats Goliath. Everybody loves him. He becomes King, and because he’s such a hotshot, he gets all the girls. The front cover also depicts his best pal Jonathan and David swore brotherly allegiance to each other at an early age, pledging their love. But Jonathan never really moved on like David did. Never seemed to be able to get past his loyalty to his mate.

For futher reading check out 1 Samuel 17 in the Old Testament.

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