Funny Little Frog - cover artwork
Release Information

UK release date: January 16th, 2006
UK Chart Position: 20
Catalogue numbers: CD – RTRADSCD283 / 7″ – RTRADS283 / DVD – RTRADSDVD283

Funny Little Frog *
Meat and Potatoes *
I Took A Long Hard Look *

Funny Little Frog
The Eight Station Of The Cross Kebab House

Funny Little Frog
Lazy Line Painter Jane (Live In Glasgow)

Produced and Mixed by Tony Hoffer
Engineered by Todd Burke and Tony Hoffer
Assistant Engineers: Jason Mott (Sound Factory) and Chris
Reynolds (Sunset Sound)
Recorded at The Sound Factory, Los Angeles
Mixed at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles
mastered by Frank Arkwright at Metropolis, London

“Lazy Line Painter Jane” recorded at Botanic Gardens, Glasgow,
June 2005
Mixed by Mick Cooke, Stevie Jackson and Geoff Allen

“The Eight Station Of The Cross Kebab House” produced and mixed by Tony Doogan

Additional Musicians:
James Swinburne – Sax on “Funny Little Frog”
Guest vocals on “Lazy Line Painter Jane” by Monica Queen

“Lazy Line Painter Jane (Live in Glasgow)” video
Director: Blair Young
Production Company: the Forest of Black

“Funny Little Frog” video
Director: Blair Young
Production Company: The Forest of Black
DoP: Richard Mott
Dancer: Karen Bennie
Choreographer: Colette Sander

Thanks to all the crew who worked on both projects

On The Cover: Julie Coyle, Marisa Privitera

Pictures by Stuart
Assisted by: Patrick Doyle and Marisa Privitera
Sleeve Design and Layout by Keith Dodds at D8 and Belle and Sebastian.

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