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Q. Jess
Question answered on 29/07/2011. Filed under Our Music »

I was wondering if you would ever consider making a belle and sebastian piano book. Tried to play some of your songs by ear but failed miserably, cant find belle and sebastian sheets anywhere, which is a real shame.

A. Chris

We did one for "Fold Your Hands Child...". It's probably not in print anymore, but you might find one secondhand on Amazon. At one point we were working on a complete book, but it was going to be prohibitively costly to produce.
Have you tried searching online for the title of the song you're after plus the word "chords" or "tab"? You won't get the actual sheet music but there's pretty decent chord sheets on the web for most of the songs. To be honest I do that myself these days if there's a song we've not played for years appears on the setlist. Failing that if there's a specific song you're stuck with ask on here, it'll usually get answered eventually.

Q. Samantha
Question answered on 19/07/2011. Filed under Our Music »

Can you say when your solo record will be getting released Stevie? please x

A. Stevie

Pretty soon Samantha x

Q. Ben
Question answered on 16/07/2011. Filed under Our Music »

Hi Stevie. I really enjoyed your gig at Bowlie. Your solo album has been on the cards for a year or two now but we haven't had an update for a while. I remember reading at the end of last year that it would be released in 2011 and time's ticking on. Is that still a possibility? Cheers.

A. Stevie

Oh yeah it's coming out pretty soon I think.

Q. Joe
Question answered on 02/01/2011. Filed under Our Music »


On Sleep Around The Clock, you guys are using an array of of effects and such. If its not a secret, what are they? Are they pedals or synths?

I just think they sound magnificent and I'd like to achieve a similar sound on my own.


A. Chris

Live or on the record? As far as I remember there's a Roland Jupiter 8 playing the arpeggio, and an SH101 and maybe a Juno 106 doing some of the other keyboard parts, and an R8 drum machine doing the 808 sounds along with Richard's kit. Sadly most of that stuff is now not working, or buried in storage somewhere like the final scene of "Raiders of the Lost Arc"
These days when we do it live I play the Scarbee A-200 Wurlitzer Piano off the laptop and add a bit of phaser and amp overdrive as the song goes on, while Mark Trayner, our keyboard tech, also plays on the song and does a lot of Lesie and drawbar stuff on the Hammond Organ, lots of glissandi and sputtering etc.

Q. gaya
Question answered on 18/12/2010. Filed under Our Music »

I'd like to use Fiction as soundtrack for an animation project i'm working on. It's a personal project and i'll be putting it in my portfolio as part of my application to art school if it turns out as well as it looks in my head.
I won't be uploading it on youtube or vimeo (so the record label won't be throwing a fit), but thought i'd ask if you mind, just in case.

A. Sarah

go ahead! (and good luck with your application)

Q. Andrew
Question answered on 16/12/2010. Filed under Our Music »

Hi Stuart,
Since I got home from the Bowlie and sat down to read my copy of the Celestial Cafe which you kindly signed I've been trying to remember whether I said thank you or not. I was the guy who also asked you to sign a copy for their Mum who is a vicar in an inner city Liverpool church. If in my flustered state I omitted to thank you then I'm sorry. And thank you.

Now a question... are you familiar with John Bell, the Scottish hymn writer and minister? I went to see him give a talk and have a sing with my Mum. During the interval he started talking to me and we got to the subject of Glasgow. I said that I would be visiting for the first time to see B&S playing on the 21st of this month and he said "Ah yes, great group, great group". He asked what else I'd like to try and do while I'm in Glasgow and I mentioned I'd like to look in some record shops. He took a page out of his Moleskine notebook and drew me a little map of the city and where I can find some record stores. What a nice man huh? Do you think you'd ever try your hand at hymn writing? I'd love an excuse to sing along to one of your songs on a Sunday morning!

A. Stuart

i'm a fan of john bell, of course. we sing him every sunday!
i will try to write some devotional music at some point. i wrote an anthem once, which the choir sung, in 1994 i think!