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Q. Steve
Question answered on 30/10/2013. Filed under Random »

I have one of the B&S beach balls you kicked out to the audience in Salt Lake. Did the band inflate them? Specifically, is actual CO2 from the band inside it? (I'll never deflate it, if so).

A. Sarah

Of course the band inflated them!

Q. Brian
Question answered on 08/10/2013. Filed under Random »

For my little boy and I, "I Didn't See It Coming" is our favorite feel good song. We sing it in the car or when we want to cheer each other up. He especially loves the video. Who did the video- such wonderful eye candy?

A. Sarah

The video for that song was by our friend Lesley Barnes, she's a really amazing illustrator, you should look her up! Www.lesleybarnes.co.uk

Q. andrea
Question answered on 29/08/2013. Filed under Random »

When and who was "The ghost of rockschool" composed by? Why it is having no role in your live concerts?

A. Sarah

It's one of Stuart's songs. I think he'd had bits of it for quite a while but wrote some new parts to finish it when we were writing the songs for "write about love". I have NO IDEA why we don't play it live more often. It's one of the very best, I think. We did it a couple of times in 2011. One day, I hope we'll bring it back.

Q. Aaron
Question answered on 27/08/2013. Filed under Random »

Hello all! I was lucky enough to see you all in Cincinnati earlier this year and wanted to know who all is in your touring band that joined you this year and anything they may be involved in.



A. Sarah

On that tour we had:
Dave McGowan playing bass, guitar & keys etc - he's also from Glasgow and he's in Teenage Fanclub, Snowgoose, and has often played with Isobel Campbell, our former singing cellist;
Sarah Willson on cello etc - she lives in London and plays with tons of folk, often with the Tindersticks;
Max Moston led the string sections he arranged for each city - he's in Antony and the Johnsons and plays with many other bands too;
and on trumpet and French horn we had CJ Camerieri - he's in Bon Iver, has a chamber group called YMusic, and also works with lots of other people - Sufjan Stevens, Rufus Wainwright, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and lots more. Max and CJ live in New York.

Q. Hannes
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I've been trying before to ask this question and never got an answer. Nevertheless this is very important to me.
So, I'd be very happy to know who designed your tour poster of the 2006 European Tour. The one with the Victorian style bridge and the tour dates on the stairs. It's beautiful and full of details, one of which became of great significance for me and it'd be great I I could get a chance to contact the person who drew the picture.

Thank so much.
Hannes (from Berlin)

A. Sarah

That poster was designed by Manny Silva, who I think is a San Francisco / Oakland area artist. He has done other posters, tshirts, etc for us as well, including the Fox.

Q. David
Question answered on 13/07/2013. Filed under Random »

Hi guys,
Wonderful show last night at Merriweather Post Pavilion and thanks for having us onstage! I really enjoyed the song you played just before entering - it sounded like an old waltz but I couldn't make out the words. What was that song called?

A. Sarah

It's "the song of the Clyde"!