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Shane from Maine
I saw Stuart’s response to the album being leaked. And, I have listened to the album a ton since it has been leaked because I have no willpower and need to be in on things when it seems like the rest of the world is. The album is absolutely incredible, by the way. Now, there are two things: one, what do you guys do to try and prevent a leak? The Life Pursuit leaked months in advance, while this one only leaked 20 days or so before it comes out. Were there reasons for this? Second, concerts are so much more enjoyable when you can sing along and you know the songs. I will be seeing you in Boston the week the album comes out, and I will enjoy the show that much more. See you then!

Well Shane, i appreciate your bright optimism, but we won’t be playing songs from the new record (apart from the online tunes) in Boston, because it’s not fair on the people who are waiting for the record to come out.

(editor: actually Stuart, the lp will be out by then , and you WILL be playing songs from the lp. What i think you meant was that you wouldn’t be playing songs from the record till Toronto..)

We tried everything to not have the album leak, including not giving it to magazines to review, or upfront to radio stations. We went to some extreme measures, not because we were thinking of sly financial gain (we turned down all those ways of ‘promoting’ the record, after all), but because we wanted to present the record to our fans at the right time, when it was ready. So you could peruse the artwork, hear it in its highest quality. We put so much thought and effort into it.. it just feels like you kids went into the garage, found your presents, and opened them early.

We could have avoided this by self releasing the lp on the internet,with no fuss or fanfare, which we were ready to do back in summer, and which the band overwhelmingly wanted to do. Like days of ‘Sinister’.

But, we were working with record labels who couldn’t take that ‘risk’. We love the people we work with, appreciate how much they support the band, but I can’t see us ever going through this process again. Why shouldn’t we use the technology that you are using to get what we (and ultimately, you) would want! I don’t get it.

Chris and I bumped into Isobel in the rehearsal rooms the other day. She was talking about her lp leaking too, and she said

‘Kind of makes you feel, “well, what’s the point?” ‘

I don’t feel ‘beaten’ or anything. I’m not maudlin or precious. I’m all about the event, the music, the fun and possibility of collaboration. And in this i’m talking about a collaboration between you and I.

But the one thing i’m sure of, and was sure of even back in those ‘Sinister’ days of being guarded and particular:

We know what’s best for you.

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