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Ok, I’m treating my self to a little Drambuie, over lots of ice at the end of a very nice day. This is good. I’m starting to enjoy myself. I know that that’s not the point, and we should take what we get and be thankful, but I’m still thankful for this day. And for the enjoyment.

At one point, at lunch time, I got a maths program on the iplayer, I got my cheese on toast, I got the birds pecking at the window…am I painting a picture for you? I love January is what I’m saying.

(While I’m writing, Marisa just went out to borrow an onion from the neighbours, then Jim came in, and we swapped knee operation stories.)

So what I was going to tell you about, was how much I liked my cycle this morning.

I’ve been on the bike. Usually I don’t touch the bike before May because the weather prevents me, but I had to get out this morning. I can’t walk so good; the bike is easier.

The bin men came around 7.40, and they always wake me. Marisa doesn’t wake, but I jump up, and I can see from the creeping dawn that it’s the kind of day you’ve got to get out into. I decide to go to the chapel.

So I get wrapped up like the Michelin man and make for the 8.45 service at the university chapel. I lock the bike outside, and make it in for the first hymn. But the organist has slept in, so we have to sing From All That Dwell Below The Skies (the version with the hallelujahs) without accompaniment. And it was beautiful; quite the most beautiful way to start the day. Boy, was I glad I made it along to chapel.

So then I got out and i didn’t want to go home. So I cycled along through Partick to Yoker. The ferry is waiting for me on the Yoker side to take me across the Clyde! There’s no one else there, so the man takes me on my own. The little ferry backs into the middle of the river, turns gently to face the other way. Meanwhile I’m getting a great view up and down the river; sun and sky and water and cranes and swans and bridges and hills.

I head back to the town. I don’t want to mess my leg up; the temptation is to cycle a long way. But I head back along the south bank, through Braehead and Govan.

I phone my missus to tell her I’m about to cycle past her office. She works at the BBC, and when I whiz past the big new building, I see a red flag flying on the third floor; that’s Marisa alerting me to her presence. I bet her colleagues are wondering what the hell she’s doing.

And then it’s through the park and home. And a long bath, and then a magical, mathematical lunch. Happy days.


Marisa just told me

“When I met you I thought you were loaded”


“Well, because you were a rock star, I just assumed you were rich.”

History repeating itself.

I say,

“It’s like my mum and dad. My dad thought my mum had money, and then they got married, she had £15 in the bank or something.”

“I don’t mind. I would’ve still married you.”

I should think so!

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  1. martin james writes:

    Glad you’re up and about Stuart. You must take in Route 1 of the cycle Network. Coasts and Castles section up the north east coast via Lindisfarne. Gorgeous.

  2. Richard Preece writes:

    I really enjoy your writing Stuart, so apparently effortless but evocative – Thoroughly enjoying the new book too. Thank You!

  3. Robert Jacob writes:

    glad to hear op went well-very tempting to go for it too soon,more cycling less running!
    love so much about you and the band-refreshingly different,great music and really feel something calming being a real fan,church isn’t my thing but do have times when I like to be on my own and contenplate-there is definately something out there bigger than us!
    saw u in bmth this year-as a fellow dancer(can be a problem not being able to stand still to quality music)hope the new knee will enable many new moves this year-we love a genuine groover.
    Hope to see some uk dates later in the year-u will love copenhagen,just a wonderful city.climb the spire of the vors frelsers church-amazing!

  4. Rachael writes:

    What a lovely entry. I’m currently half way through your book and already hoping there’s a volume II on the way.

  5. Matt writes:

    I agree, January is such a beautiful month, because you still get the gloomy overcast days when it’s freezing and you can huddle up in front of a fire in a nice pub, or wander round listening to melancholy tunes. Then on other days it is sunny and crisp. I especially love the countryside because all the grey-brown bare hedgerows and woods look so festive, but with the promise of spring. I got my bike fixed this morning because it has been at least 6 weeks since I last rode it, and I’m getting sick of walking everywhere and I’ve managed to kid myself that it’s warm enough to cycle everywhere again.

  6. Sara Sizzle writes:

    I like that you guys have Drambuie but no onions. A true rock star lifestyle.

  7. Marta writes:

    Hi Stuart,
    I’d like to go cycling too but it’s snowing right now so there’s no chance.
    Today let me know that you’re going to play a concert in Poland in April. That’s great news!! I’ll definitely be there. 🙂 I’m a Belle and Sebastian fan for two years or something. First I heard your songs on “JUNO” Soundtrack. I still like “Expectations” and “Piazza, New York Catcher” mostly but I love lots of songs from “The Life Pursuit”. Are you gonna play some of them?
    Best wishes,

  8. sasmitamurti writes:

    I really like that you always give some description about the city where you live in some of your diary’s interesting to imagine you’re riding ur bike around the town..and I felt a little jealous because I can’t ride a bike (I wasn’t able to and because the pollution in my city)..well, keep writing Stuart!!..cheers..

  9. Ian writes:

    What a truly simple and beautiful narrative. It seemed to be a perfect day. Isn’t it always the simple things, particularly those that are ready to hand, that calms us and bring us into that reality that demonstrates that something better, wiser and deeper is close.

  10. celleny writes:

    ah stuart you’re a lovely writer…this post made me smile as i sit behind a desk in a windowless office. cheers!! 🙂

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